I can’t stop eating Wonka Fruit Tingles. Someone stop me. It feels like my insides are about to burst with fizz. Probably not a good thing…


I’ve had a pretty good week so far, but nothing interesting to report other than another ear infection. GOODIE. I don’t even have any plans for the weekend. I can tell I’m probably going to do nothing and get nothing done. Ha!


Maybe I should make some more to-do lists. Right after I finish eating this last roll of Fruit Tingles…


Hope you all have an awesome weekend and don’t forget to check out the awesome links below!



  1. A ‘scratch-off’ save the date – the guests had to guess where the location of the wedding was going to be. Such a fun idea!
  2. The location of this wedding and all the little details and flowers are just stunning.
  3. Every bunting should compliment you! *free download*
  4. Yummy – a gelato themed bridal shower shoot!
  5. This inside-out neapolitan layer cake looks to die for!

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