For though I cannot fly, I’m not content to crawl.

I have a strange love/hate relationship with holidays. I was SO looking forward to these 3 weeks off and it had been so long that I had had time off where I had no plans that I forgotten how bored I get. We’ve been back at home in Auckland for 3 days now and I must have said “I’m booooooooored” out loud over 10 times. What is wrong with me?


I’ve utilized my new note books and list pads that I was given for Christmas (thank you Tyler and Brit!) and made some new to-do lists for the holidays, yet I just can’t seem to get stuck into them. I ticked one thing off about 10 minutes ago; write/send a card back to Anne. Done. One thing out of about 15 things I need/want to do.


I can’t believe it’s New Years Eve tomorrow. That’s mental. I still have no plans for it. Will probably end up watching TV or go to the movies or something with the boy and be in bed before midnight! I’m such a partier. Ha!


Alright, better love you and leave you all before I babble on too much!


A quick note about my RSS feed link:


So, yesterday I complained on Twitter about how annoying it is when people’s RSS feeds only show previews of posts in Google Reader and Bobbi replied and told me that mine did that! I was shocked cause I subscribed to mine and it showed the entire thing for me. I found out that the link I had up on my site for my RSS feed was different to the one I originally subscribed to. Not sure how that happened but I have updated the links on my site now so if anyone of you have subscribed to me on there and are only seeing the previews please update your RSS feed link to this one so you can see the entire post without leaving Google Reader:



  1. Jordan’s cute DIY sequin photobooth background – just in time for those New Years Eve parties!

  3. In awe of this pretty New Years Eve wedding inspiration shoot. Glitterrrrrr.

  5. Some very cool designs over at Hello Poster Show; a fund-raising exhibition featuring silk-screened posters created by designers and artists from around the world.

  7. Simon Alander, aka Coffee Made Me Do It, has some really well designed custom typography in his portfolio. Check it out!

  9. This DIY wooden table numbers tutorial makes it look really easy to do. Might have a think about some other things I could use that technique on.

  11. I love baking that you don’t have to cook. This vegan no-cook fudge looks a bit yummy.

2 Responses to For though I cannot fly, I’m not content to crawl.

  1. bobbi
    - 30 December, 2011 Reply

    Haha, glad to help lady! I pinned that sequin background earlier as well! It’s darling…I am so looking forward to making up a reason to make one. I think I might trick my friends into letting me incorporate it into my going away party decor! :) Good luck with the list and happy new year!

    • Danelle Bourgeois
      - 30 December, 2011 Reply

      Hahaha. You definitely should make it! I don’t ever throw parties but maybe I should just to make one haha. I’ll just have my own private party for myself for NYE and photobooth it up haha. Happy new year to you too! :D

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