Happy Easter!

I think my brain might be a little fried at the moment. Trying to catch up on a lot of things. Failing to be inspired and motivated. Good thing my long weekend has just begun…


I’m posting this slightly early because I will be leaving very early tomorrow morning to get to the airport. I’m flying (by myself for the first time! Ah!) to Wellington to visit my grandparents in my mother’s side, who I barely ever get to see, and my brother. I can’t wait!


It’s just a shame that all of these public holidays are going to take up some quality shopping time. I will only have Saturday to shop and I plan on making the most of it.


This week’s links are to give you all some last minute Easter inspiration! I found so many fun Easter things this week that I’ve decided to do double the amount of links I usually do.Lucky you guys!


Happy Easter everyone!



  1. Downloadable Easter candy box – cute!
  2. I might just make this bunny garland, not even for Easter!
  3. The chocolate truffle egg ganache torte is too much for me to handle.
  4. Very neat recycled Easter egg bunting DIY.
  5. A sweet paper-mache egg tutorial.



  1. Some cute surprise eggs with little stamped messages on them.
  2. This could be a great invitation idea for an Easter party.
  3. How cool are these embroidered eggs?!
  4. DIY Easter place cards – these could be used for any party really, love the idea!
  5. Some yummy looking baby chick s’mores – nom nom nom.

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