Head in the clouds.

This is a day late. Oops. I started on it yesterday (Friday) but then got completely distracted by Google Reader. I don’t know why I never used it before! I literally was manually going through my folders and folders of bookmarked sites every week and checking for new posts. This is going to save me SO much time. I already have 151 subscriptions in there. Eeep! They’re all sorted out into folders and everything. I like my things organized. :P


This week has been all over the place. I’ve had a killer headache for days. Not sure why. I’m trying to cut Coke and V out of my diet. I’d give anything for an ice cold can of Coke right now! Will have to see how well this works out. Luckily the headache seems to have gone away for now.


It’s already Saturday night now. I spent today sleeping, setting up my Google Reader completely, watching my flatmate buy a new TV for our flat and making nachos. So it was a pretty sweet day. Got a few things to do tomorrow, but most of all I’m looking forward to seeing Captain America with the boy in gold class! Keen for popcorn. Hehe.


So I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I want to go to a rooftop party like this! I love everything about this bachelorette party. It’s so well styled and the invitation is awesome, even what those girls are wearing is fantastic – love it! Check out the entire image gallery here.
  3. I’m not completely sure if I’d like the coconut part but this homemade mocha coconut iced coffee looks and sounds amazing! It was inspired by a Starbucks frappe, which I haven’t had in forever. It’s a bit too wintery I guess.
  5. Yellow Owl Workshop has brought out a new range of really funky geometric thank you cards that I love! Really into patterns and bright reds, oranges and yellows right now, so these are perfect! Check out all of their other items too – I’m a bit keen on the stamps!
  7. A Print Handbook looks like such a great resource for all designers that work with print. It was written by The Media Collective and contains info about paper sizes, colours on different paper stocks, black examples, fold diagrams, point size and line weight examples, colour charts and heaps more.
  9. I came across fellow New Zealander Tori’s blog Voyages of the Creative Variety just the other day and I love it! Big fan of her pencil-purse DIY (the teal colour and the geometric pattern is the best) and her stunning wedding! Definitely give her blog a look.
  11. I kinda wish I had come across posts like this one before I designed my blog; Moxee; Branding Your Blog. Would have been very helpful. But maybe it can help out some blog designers! (looking at you Vanny!). Breanna has some fantastic work and inspiration on her blog. Fell in love with it straight away!

7 Responses to Head in the clouds.

  1. Vanessa
    - 31 July, 2011 Reply

    We seriously must be internet twins or something. A) I just got that print handbook about a month ago! And B) I totally love Moxee’s blog!!! And that totally helps me out right now bc Aaron and I are working on the new design for my blog :) it’s going to be killer, I should show you<3

    • Danelle Bourgeois
      - 31 July, 2011 Reply

      Ohhh yes yes I want to see! :D

      • Vanessa
        - 31 July, 2011 Reply

        Also, in terms of Google Reader. You should get Reeder. Super slick way for you to go through your reads and it syncs with GR + sits on your desktop/dock. Look into it as well as Reeder for your phone. I love being able to go somewhere and read through blogs whenever I’m bored. ^_^

        • Danelle Bourgeois
          - 31 July, 2011

          Kay. I’ll look into that! God I have got to get a captcha on here. This spam stuff is getting ridiculous.

        • Vanessa
          - 1 August, 2011

          Are you on wordpress? Get the Akismet plugin! :)

  2. Allan
    - 31 July, 2011 Reply

    Google Reader = best.
    Captain America = even better.

    Your blog sits in my Google Reader for a few weeks until the count gets high enough to get my attention. RSS feeds are ridiculous and addictive like that. And if you go away from it for more than a few days… BAM 1000+ new posts

    • Danelle Bourgeois
      - 31 July, 2011 Reply

      Yeah, how good was Captain America? Loved it. Super excited for The Avengers.
      Pretty much in love with my Google Reader now. Although I’m keen as for them to get around to updating the look of it to sit more in line with the new Gmail look. So much easier to look at that now. So that will be good. Very happy with where all this Google stuff is going.

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