Without me, you got it all.

My weekends are starting to get lazier and lazier… Oh dear. Must put a stop to that. Don’t want to get into bad habits and then spend my 3 weeks off over Christmas and New Years being lazy too. Would like to make the most of them and visit lots of friends and family who I don’t often get to see.


On the note of Christmas, I need to organise Secret Santa for both sides of my family. Each side only has 1-2 little ones (I say little but they are now all over 10 years old) so most of us are now ‘adults’ and don’t really think we all need to give every single member presents. So instead we just do secret santa gifts with a $20 limit. Makes for a cheap Christmas which is always good!


How’s everyone’s weekends been? Thanks Giving in the US the other day. We don’t celebrate that holiday here. Perhaps we should make a motion to do so! I could always go for more days off work. :P


Will do a week week/weekend catch up post tomorrow me thinks. Hope you enjoy these links in the mean time!


P.S. Bonus points for whoever knows what the lyrics in the title of this post is from.



  1. Not sure why I’ve never posted these before. One Charming Party puts out these cute little videos about crafty things. Their latest one is about baby shower party favours which I really love, and I’m also keen on their how to frost a cake one!

  3. A tour of the Hello! Lucky studio. I love seeing glimpses into letterpress and design studios.

  5. My Owl Barn did a sweet collaboration with 45 artists to bring you this customizable 2012 owl calendar. You get to choose which owl design you want with what month. Very cool.

  7. Eat Drink Chic have some cute ‘peace, love and reindeer hugs’ gift tags available for download.

  9. The Hungry Workshop can do no wrong. Check out their lastest post about these scissor bookmarks they designed and printed. I love seeing some behind the scenes as well as the finished product.

  11. I’ve been looking for some DIY Christmas decorations for the apartment since we don’t have a lot of room, definitely no room for a tree. Oh Happy Day and Amanda Jones teamed up to bring us these two DIY advent calendarsboxes and iron ons. The different typefaces and designs are totally my style.

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