You know how the time flies.

It’s sort of just dawned on me that it’s nearly August. AUGUST. When did this happen? This year has gone so quickly. Where did that time go?


“Holy crap, it’s almost twelve!” My boyfriend has just reiterated how the time just gets away from us. I didn’t even realise how late it was. I expect to have a very good sleep in tomorrow then!


I have no plans for the weekend other than working on a wedding invitation. I really hope to get that fully nutted out by Sunday evening and a printed mock-up ready to show the clients. Fingers crossed I can stick to this deadline! It’s out in the world now so I HAVE to do it. I’ll just remind myself of that.


Sleepy time now. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy these links from around the web below!


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What a voice on this girl! Pretty much got this on repeat at the moment. Check out this amazing live video of her singing Someone Like You.



  1. My friend Jess started up a wee blog a while ago and it makes me drool! Make My Day - a photographic collection of food. She’s a very talented photographer and, so it seems, a talented cook/baker too! Check out her yummy recipe for hokey pokey ice-cream!
  3. The Hungry Workshop are cranking out some really fantastic design work and their latest wedding invitation has really raised the bar. The typography – the ornate drop cap! – really sells the story book style. The bookmark inspired belly band, matching pink ribbon and unique envelope liners are all just icing on the cake. They had me at the neon pink ink!
  5. I’m a tad blown away by how gorgeous the details of this wedding are. The bride (Lullafly) designed the wedding invites herself and boy did she do an awesome job! The illustration work throughout the wedding is perfect. Pretty much everything else about the wedding is perfect too – the cake, the cake topper, the dress, the flowers, the table setting, the shoes. That’s my kind of wedding.
  7. I have a mad crush on Kendi Everyday. Her daily outfits are always amazing. She’s got such a great eye for patterns and colour. Not sure I’m ballsy enough to get away with some of the outfits she has though!
  9. There’s nothing I like more than a great font. Oh wait. Yes there is. A FREE great font! Lost Type Co-Op have a bunch of fantastic fonts that you can download for free! My favourites are Mensch, Duke, Nelma and Ribbon.
  11. Jeremy and Kathleen have posted some really helpful posts about freelance matters which any new graphic design freelancer should probably read. Lots of good advice from an award winning freelance graphic designer about managing your projects, estimating, billing and payments, as well as education. Kathleen also did this write up about good design – so true!

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  1. BreeAnn
    - 23 July, 2011 Reply

    Aw, thank you so much for including my little portraits! And thank you for such kind words regarding my wedding!

    • Danelle Bourgeois
      - 23 July, 2011 Reply

      You are more than welcome! The wedding and yourself looked absolutely stunning!

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