You’re the only place that feels like home.

Apologies for the lateness of this post, again. I’m not going to say I was just ‘so busy’ because that’s a cop-out, and I actually wasn’t too busy at all. Sometimes you just need to have a break. I let my Google Reader get away from me this week and only now, on Sunday evening, am I getting on top of it.


This weekend has been a good one. I spent Saturday shopping my little heart out with my flatmate. I actually bought a ridiculous amount of stuff for myself. A skirt, three tops, two dresses and three pairs of shorts to be exact. Oops. Won’t need to go shopping for quite a while now!



I also bumped into my cousin and ended up sitting in Wendys chatting with her for an hour or so. Was good to catch up with her! Must spend more time with her now that we live in the same city again.


I did manage to pick up some Christmas presents as well. Nearly all done! Just need to get the boy to give me his Christmas wishlist. I bug him on a daily basis about it. :P He must be getting annoyed haha.


Alright, time for bed now! Hope y’all like the links!



  1. Some sweet festive feather gift tags for you to download from Love vs Design.

  3. Have you guys heard of Martha Goes Green yet? If you’re into vegetarian recipes you really should check them out. I studied with two of the lovely ladies behind it and they are very talented! They’ve just put out a 2012 calendar full of yummy looking recipes. Great gift idea for a vegetarian!

  5. Some fantastic tips from Grandma. Some of these are so good!

  7. In our tiny apartment there really isn’t room for an actual Christmas tree and my flatmate and I usually craft something together to hang up as our tree. I wish I had come across this modern geometric Christmas tree print from I Need Nice Things sooner. It’s the epitome of my style at the moment.

  9. Chocolate bark looks so simple to make that I think I might give it a go this Christmas.

  11. Sometimes I wonder if it was worth the 3 years of study to get my bachelor… and then I read posts like this ‘5 reasons to get a graphic design degree‘ and I remember that it was worth it, especially if you want to get into any kind of corporate in-house teams or design firms.

4 Responses to You’re the only place that feels like home.

  1. Brittany
    - 11 December, 2011 Reply

    I was listening to this song this morning.. Ahhh, the memories! FOB will never get old for me <3

    • Danelle Bourgeois
      - 11 December, 2011 Reply

      Same! Seriously so addicted to listening to them right now. I actually have their songs in my head constantly haha.

  2. Amy Potter
    - 12 December, 2011 Reply

    LOVE the last link. was just having the ‘go to uni or don’t go to uni’ discussion with some friends this weekend. interesting! also loving the mullet skirt at the moment!

    • Danelle Bourgeois
      - 12 December, 2011 Reply

      Yeah, it’s a tough battle really. There are definitely some people out there that just don’t need it, they’ll do exceptionally well without having a degree. But they’re the people that have unbelievable design talent and amazing willpower to teach themselves and motivation to get to where they want to be on their own. I’m not really like that haha.

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