My head is ready to explode.

This week feels like it’s dragged on forever, mainly because I’ve felt ridiculously tired. I had been getting only about 5 hours sleep a night for the first half of the week and it completely screwed me over by Thursday. My doctor made me trial a different medication for my sinus problems and it doesn’t work whatsoever so I’ve gone full circle and am back to being completely blocked up, constantly blowing my nose, sneezing and generally feeling irritable. Not fun at all. I ended up having to take yesterday off just to recoup, get back to feeling refreshed. Woke up with a shocker of a headache, but after sleeping another 4 hours I felt like myself again. Thank goodness! It was just what I needed because I was starting to find it really hard to concentrate at work.


Health issues have really set us back a bit with our work load but we’re trying to get back on track now that Hook is feeling better. Looking forward to getting things done this weekend! Even managed to get quite a bit done yesterday too. Take that to-do list!


It’s been well over a month now since my last weekend link love post. My bad!¬†Hope you enjoy these ones!


Have an awesome weekend!



  1. These light subtle pattern freebies are looking good.

  3. An amazing chalk wall design.

  5. A simple DIY for some dip-dyed place card holders.

  7. How freaking cool are those DIY giant flowers? Perfect for an outdoor wedding.

  9. Some of Plurabelle Calligraphy‘s recent work. I really adore white ink on a bright colour.

  11. An origami bunny easter tag freebie. Cute!

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  1. call me debbie
    - 30 March, 2012 Reply

    This chalk board is so perfect, i really want it in my bedroom! =)

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