We can get crazy, let it all out

There is nothing worse than waking up early on your day off. Especially waking up at 8.30am when I had my alarm set for 10am. Grr.


The one thing I really dislike about Easter, is that all the shops close on Friday and Sunday. When I have a day off I generally like to shop, so this is annoying for me. Since it’s Saturday now, we have to organise everything for the big job no Monday and make sure we buy everything that we need for it today. We will be going out soon to pick up a second 5D MKiii for the job. Eeee! Then back to planning and buying.


Currently listening to: Hot Chelle Rae – Whatever

So much pop. I love it.


Here are a few little bits and pieces for you to gaze over this weekend! :)



  1. I’m really loving these ombre tights!

  3. Rubber stamps + chipboard = a gorgeous save the date.

  5. Cute striped, floral and confetti patterned eggs.

  7. These diy chalkboard table runners are a pretty cool idea to minimize what you need on a table at an event.

  9. Umm. How freaking cool would it be to have your own paper doll of yourself!! I want one.

  11. I really love the use of mini envelopes on things like these gender announcements! I may need to borrow this idea for something I’d like to make in the next 6 months!

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