Cookie Swap!


On Saturday I got together with some lovely bloggers from Auckland for a Midwinter Christmas Cookie Swap! Cookie swaps aren’t really a common event here in New Zealand, so most people here don’t really understand what they are. For those readers who don’t know, it’s basically just a bunch of people baking some cookies and bringing them along to a gathering, eating some of them and then taking a few of each cookie home! It’s super fun!


The wonderful Lydia of Lydia Bakes hosted ours and put together this awesome cookie table for us with milk and shots of hot chocolate. That girl has a really good eye for dessert table decorating! The other bloggers who attended were Amanda of Here Comes The Sun (who brought along some delish teas for us!), Kirsten of High Tea With Dragons, and Melissa and Courtenay of Baking Makes Things Better. Was so lovely to meet those I hadn’t met before and catch up with those I already knew!


The cookies brought along were :
(I’ll be updating this with links as everyone posts their recipes up)


They were all so good! I ate one of each while I was there, as well as some crackers and cheese in between to even out the sugar overload haha. And then we each got to take home a little goodie pack full of cookies. The packaging was kindly donated by the wonderful online store, Little Ink. If you don’t know about this store go check it out! I blogged about them ages ago and have bought quite a few little bits and pieces for packaging from them and love them!


Hopefully we can make this cookie swap an annual event because it was so much fun! And such a cool way to get together with other like-minded bloggers and bakers! You definitely don’t need to be a pro baker to do a cookie swap. Just get a bunch of friends together and do one! It’s easy peasy, and you get to eat a lot of cookies!!! :P

7 Responses to Cookie Swap!

  1. Jen
    - 10 June, 2013 Reply

    It all looks so delicious, Danelle! Nommmm!
    I am drooling at my desk!

    Yours turned out well in the end! Unsure what you were worried about! I also love those neon ones! So cool!!! How fun :)

    • Danelle Bourgeois
      - 10 June, 2013 Reply

      The first lot out of the oven looked terrible! They had exploded chocolate bits everywhere. I managed to figure out how to control it by the fourth tray of cookies haha so the ones I ended up taking didn’t look that bad. They taste amazing too, so that’s all that really matters. :P

      You should organise one in Christchurch! :D

  2. Lesley
    - 10 June, 2013 Reply

    Wow, you girls set the bar high!

  3. Liss
    - 10 June, 2013 Reply

    yum!!! it all looks so good, I want to have a cookie swap now.

  4. Suzie Gregory
    - 10 June, 2013 Reply

    Great job ladies…. looks amazing!

    • Danelle Bourgeois
      - 10 June, 2013 Reply

      It was awesome! Thank you so much for the little packaging pieces! So cute and went so well with the day! :)

  5. Kristin B
    - 15 June, 2013 Reply

    I’ve got some out of control drooling on right now! Everything looks so beautiful and delicious! I love this idea too. Cookies are so under rated, but they’re the best!

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