Something always brings me back to you.

danelle bourgeois


I thought with all this free time I would have I’d been blogging more. Turns out, that’s not the case. Wedding season is in full force – we have weddings basically every single week until the end of April (some have double weddings!) – so I’ve felt a little overwhelmed with organising everything. I’m still learning how everything works best for the business, but I’m sure I’ll have it under control soon enough.


With that said, I can’t imagine I’ll be blogging again during this holiday season so I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all of my wonderful readers now! I hope you all have a lovely break away from work and get to spend some sweet time with your family and friends. Oh, and have an awesome New Years Eve too! I have no idea what we will be doing (five bucks says we will be working the night away haha) but at least I’ll be hanging with Hook and maybe family too.


Catch ya’ll in the new year! :)

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  1. Nicola
    - 1 January, 2014 Reply

    Sounds like you’ve got a busy busy few months ahead with weddings. I’m getting married in March and starting to get nervous about all the decisions I have to make!! I need to hurry up and find some nice bridesmaid dresses that don’t cost too much. Hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas and New Years, and thanks for stopping by my blog x

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