It’s our hearts that make the beat.

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Birthdays are strange. I always feel like there’s some kind of pressure to have a really awesome stand-out day. But that doesn’t really ever happen for me. I usually just try to relax a little, and maybe eat a lot of food that I love. :P


Yesterday I turned 28 years old. The day was no different to any other day. We did some location scouting for this week’s wedding. I somehow got another chest virus, so the car trip wasn’t that much fun for me. I ate pizza. And frozen yoghurt (new york cheesecake flavoured!!). And lay around in bed watching TV shows with Hook, whilst thinking about all of the work that I needed to be doing.


I did get a few lovely gifts though. A ticket to Semi-Permanent from Hook (if you’re heading along to the Auckland one I’d love to meet up with some fellow bloggers and designers!). A beautiful ring from my BFF. It’s my birthstone. Super pretty. And I’ve got a gift on it’s way from my brother and his girlfriend too.


I’m feeling much better today than yesterday thankfully. Hook is on day one of a three day video shoot, so I’m at home trying to get through as much work as I possibly can. Whilst blasting some Childish Gambino while I’m at it. Thanks to Vanessa for unknowingly introducing me to this! Haha.


What do you usually do for your birthday? Any fun traditions? Or is it just another day for you like it is for me?

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