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Every time I’ve seen my psoriasis specialist he’s tried to convince me that juice cleansing will do me a world of good. He even had me watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, a doco about a man who beat his urticaria (another skin condition I suffer from but ‘p’, as I like to call it, is my real issue) by only consuming fresh juice for 60 days (no food that entire time!). After watching the film I thought I’d give this juice cleansing business a shot.


My mum is letting me borrow her juicer, but I still haven’t even taken it out of the box. Having no juicing experience, I decided it might be easier (plus I’m lazy) to just purchase a juice cleanse from Pure Health Delivered – a company who creates juice cleanse packs and sends them out to you with instructions on when to drink which juice. Seemed easy enough, and even though it was costly, I’d rather pay more than have had to sort out my own juices constantly.


I decided to go with the 3 day advanced cleanse (purely because the basic one included a pineapple based drink which I’m allergic to). Leading up to the cleanse, you’re meant to ease into it by cutting out all refined stuff (no gluten, dairy or sugar) and just eat fruit and vegetables. I didn’t really get a good chance to do this so I already wasn’t off to a good start. The schedule for each day was the same – green, green, green, zesty lemonade, green, cashew at 2-2.5 hour intervals. I thought I would share some notes I took down about each day and I how I felt afterwards…




Day One


My first impression of the green juice was that it tasted like kiwifruit (despite the fact there is no kiwifruit in it). Which I thought hey, this isn’t so bad. By the time I had gotten 3/4 of the way through the first bottle, I was over it. The taste seemed to have gotten worse. Almost had a sour quality to it. By the time I was on to my third green juice of the day I was pretty much hating them.


It seemed like 2 hours between each drink is not enough time. By the time I had finished one juice, then tried to down a heap of filtered water (oh yeah, you have to drink 2-3 litres of water a day as well!), my alarm would go over for the next juice! I felt like I was just constantly drinking the entire day which I wasn’t used to at all.


I was looking forward to the zesty lemon juice after so much green juice. I clearly didn’t read what the ingredients were of it beforehand though and it was basically just lemon and cayenne pepper. Now, for those that don’t know me very well, I LOATHE pepper. Even just standard black pepper that people seem to drown their food in I can’t handle. It burns, so bad. So the drink turned out to basically just be a lot of cayenne and I couldn’t drink more than a mouthful. I wasn’t really prepared for that to happen so I tried to make my own with just water, lemon and a tiny bit of raw honey to sweeten it. Tasted super gross.


I had heard that the cashew dream juice was really yummy. And it did taste good. However, I really struggled with the texture of that one. The cashews were obviously never going to to a proper thin liquid stage, so instead it felt quite pulpy – I could almost chew it. That kinda put me off that drink completely and I struggled to drink the entire bottle.


Day Two


This day was a lot easier than the first. I managed to drink the first three green juices with no problem at all. I ditched the zesty lemon one altogether. However, going for my fourth green juice of the day, I nearly gagged at the sight of it. I have a bit of a weird issue where sometimes if I just absolutely don’t feel like something, even the thought of having it can make me want to/actually throw up. As soon as I got it out of the fridge I felt weak and I thought about being sick right there in the kitchen sink. So, I made a call to eat a plain gluten-free rice cake to see if it calmed me down. And it did. So yeah, cheated on that second day but at least it got me to drink the rest of the green juice, right?


I found the cashew dream juice easier to drink on day two – I just tried to drink it as fast as I possibly could so that I wouldn’t get hung up too much on the texture.


Day Three


My last day of the cleanse happened to fall on Big Day Out (a music festival) and I had hoped to go later in the evening which would allow me to finish all of the juices before going there. But plans changed and I ended up going after my third green juice of the day. You can’t bring any drink in with you to BDO so I had to just not have the rest of the drinks since I was there from 3pm till 11pm. I could see people walking around with salads which I thought would be handy to ease my way back into food land, however I couldn’t even find a stand that sold them! I ended up having to have hot chips and a hot dog while I was there which I was kind of disappointed about (but they tasted amazing haha). So, in conclusion, day three was a bit of a bust.




Overall I didn’t find myself being hungry much during it at all. The only times I wanted food was when I could see or smell whatever Hook was eating and I got jealous haha. I had a headache majority of the 3 days, and never really felt ‘better’ after it. Nor did it do anything at all for my psoriasis. So. Probably not the best spent $190 ever haha. I’d be interested in trying it again once I use the juicer I have and figure out a good set of juices (that I actually like) to do it with. I think enjoying the juices would make all of the difference!

6 Responses to Juice cleansing.

  1. Dawn
    - 24 January, 2014 Reply

    Well, that sounds .. not very good at all – or more bitter sweet? Do you know if it even helped?

    • Danelle Bourgeois
      - 24 January, 2014 Reply

      Haha it was rubbish for me. Didn’t help whatsoever, but I didn’t really do it properly so I guess we will never know! :P

  2. Monique
    - 29 January, 2014 Reply

    My favorite juice concoction at the moment is this… 6x apples, 1x short cucumber, 1x lemon, good sprig or two of mint, nob or two of fresh ginger. Delicious! I also make carrot, ginger and lime juice and another one is pear, tangelo, mint and lemon. Yet to get into juicing the vegetables really though, fruit and herbs are just so easy to decide on at the moment.

  3. Nicola
    - 6 February, 2014 Reply

    Hey Danelle, I was reading in a Dermatology Research Review the other day that Extra Virgin Coconut Oil was a good topical treatment for psoriasis. Not sure how much it would help, but it’s cheaper than $190 anyway :-) The worst that would happen is you’d smell lovely and coconutty!

    • Danelle Bourgeois
      - 6 February, 2014 Reply

      I actually did use coconut oil on my scalp for a while – would sleep with it in and then wash it out in the morning. Since then I ended up getting a chemical-free oils and other stuff lotion instead. Although it smells a little weird, it’s not as messy to sleep in than the coconut oil. Both seem have the same effect. I think mine is past the point of being able to be treated with something like this though – mine basically covers about 90% of my scalp now and has broken past the hair line in a few places. :(

      • Nicola
        - 15 February, 2014 Reply

        O sorry to hear. Yeah the study did actually say it was as good as chemical free oils. Hope you can get on top of it! My sister has psorisis too, so I can imagine how frustrating it would be trying to control it.

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