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Seasons change.

Waipu | Danelle Bourgeois

Waipu | Danelle Bourgeois


Time moves so damn fast. Summer has passed… although it could still pass for Summer. It’s pretty darn hot still and our apartment really holds it’s heat (almost too well *dies from heat exhaustion from just sitting at my desk*). Wedding season is nearly at it’s end for me. Just a few more weddings to go this month and then I’ll have a few months off. I’m looking forward to spending some time with the family in Tauranga. Actual time. Not just one day here or there amongst the wedding chaos.


I’ll be on the hunt for some freelance design jobs, as well as some portrait, engagement and family shoots over Winter, so holla at me if you want to collaborate or have something for me to do! Will also be focussing a lot on nailing down our Night Owls workflows, updating packaging, and maybe even a website overhaul (I’m looking forward to that one the most!!).


Hook is heading over to Australia for a few months to work on a project as soon as the weddings finish, so I’ll be bored out of my brain at home by myself haha. Although I will use this chance to visit as many friends and family as I possibly can and constantly keep myself busy. Or else I might just fall into the sleep-all-day-nerd-all-night hole, and that will be a tough one to come back out of. Haha.


Do any of you guys have seasonal based jobs? What do you do to keep yourself busy in the down time?


P.S. Those images above were taken on a location scouting mission around Waipu, New Zealand. That place is gorgeous and I’m so keen to get a kayak and head out there next Summer. They also have tamarillo gelato!!!

Every day is a new day.


So, it’s been less than a week into this self-employment future of mine, and I must say, it’s been wonderful. I kicked it off with a beautiful wedding (above image is from their awesome day), did two days of contract design work, and now I’m on my second day at home. I’ve been doing a mixture of wedding work, emailing, admin, helping Hook on a random project, thinking about how on earth I’m going to survive doing this diet, and relaxing.


I’m still working on my daily routine, which I think I will do a post about once I have it locked down. It involves a lot of pill taking, coconut oil, and I’m hoping it will include a lot of outdoor time too!


I also can’t wait to get back into this blogging thing. I really miss it. And I have a million photos from certain adventures to show you too. Now that I have more time, I intend to show them to you all! In the mean time, you might want to check out our A Couple Of Night Owls Facebook page to see some of our recent weddings and such. We’ve got a Summer full of weddings and other fun things coming up, which I can’t wait to get right into! :)

Jump into an adventure.


So. You guys. I did it. I made the jump. I handed in my letter of resignation at my full time job. In two weeks I will officially become a full-time, self-employed Night OwlAhhhhhh!


It’s quite terrifying. But also crazy exciting! I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. Actually, I do. I’m going to be sleeping more (as in sleeping a proper amount instead of the lack of sleep I currently get), taking care of myself, relaxing, eating properly, working on our business, learning more, and of course, shooting weddings!


This decision came sooner than I thought it would, and it kind of was a split decision made over a weekend. The reason for it is, not surprisingly, my health. One of my health problems, that has plagued me since I was a teenager, is made extremely worse with stress you see. And for well over a year I had been juggling a full-time graphic design job, our A Couple Of Night Owls business, and a (not even social at all) personal life. And it really took it’s toll. I’d come home from a days work, only to have to do more work at home, and also get some quality hang time in with Hook, eat dinner, and attempt to get some sleep. It hasn’t been working very well. And because of that, my skin condition (for all those that want to know, it’s psoriasis) has gotten to an unbearable point. So, after a discussion with Hook and some number crunching, it was decided that I would leave my job now in order to get some time to relax and focus on my health before we get into the thick of wedding season.


This is definitely something that’s going to change almost everything currently going on in my life, which is going to take me a while to get my head around. But I’m pretty damn excited about how this adventure is going to play out!

The Kinfolk Table Gathering


The wonderful Shaye of On My Hand is hosting the next Kinfolk event on Saturday 19th October in Mount Maunganui, and I’m lucky enough to be photographing it! Let me tell you now, it’s not one to be missed!


This gathering will be a beautifully catered dinner by Spongedrop and Devour Catering in celebration of the release of Kinfolk’s new cookbook ‘The Kinfolk Table‘!


Tickets are on sale now!

Come on, put on your poker face.

danelle bourgeois

danelle bourgeois


I had almost completely forgotten that these photos existed. They were taken as test shots during our X Factor shoot. I only remembered them now because I was trying to find photos of my new shorter hair and stumbled across them. I always look so serious in test shoots. Or bored. Or angry. Haha. I don’t know why. I can never just take a nice photo for them.


Anyway… The point of me writing this post was to tell you that I’m off (extremely early I might add) tomorrow morning to Queenstown for the week. Super pumped for it! I have never been there before and from the looks of things, the scenery is STUNNING. We will be shooting a music video there for a few days and then spending an extra night there just to relax, do some non-work related sightseeing and maybe some skiing with Hook. It’s our mini holiday celebration for our 9 year anniversary that’s coming up mid-September. I hope to take a heap of photos to share with you all when I get back! Woo! 

I’d take you with me if there was a way.


Last weekend Hook had to get a few bits of footage to compare his Blackmagic Cinema Camera and Blackmagic Pocket Camera so we headed out to Devonport to get some cool views of the city for them. The evening sun was gorgeous so I took a few snaps while he was setting up. The views were amazing. We don’t often venture over there, as we actually live right in the city – kinda behind those big crane-y giraffe looking things (I have no idea what these things are called haha) at the port to the left in that last photo. So it was nice to see the city from this angle. I love this place.

Frozen image of ourselves.


I’m going to try make more of an effort to take my camera with me on the weekends. Whatever we end up doing. I’d like to document my life more. On my 5D, rather than my iPhone. Haha. These snaps were taken while we were out getting footage for Hook’s Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera testing. You can check it on our A Couple Of Night Owls blog. I may feature in it a little. :P


This was the day I first started to feel sick during the weekend. I woke up with aching muscles and a sore throat. It escalated pretty quickly I guess and I was lucky that I even managed to get to the Kinfolk Honey Harvest Workshop at all. Once I got home from that it was all downhill from there. What started off as a chest infection has turned in to blocked ears and some wicked pain. Turns out I have glue ear (again!) and a tear in my ear drum. So I’m a bit deaf. I have surgery booked in soon to have bilateral grommets put in, and I have to decide whether I want to have some sinus surgery too. Big decisions!


We have had quite a lazy first day of the weekend (not that it really feels overly weekend-like to me since I didn’t manage to go to work at all this past week). Finished watching the rest of the first season of Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black. We only finished the last episode a few hours ago and I already want to see more asap! Highly recommended show.


Enough from me. I’ve got some cleaning to do before getting back into bed haha. Have a good weekend everyone!

48Hours | Sneak Peek


Sorry for being a bit awol, but things got a little hectic in the past few weeks. Hook and I competed in the 48Hours filmaking competition a few weekends ago as team Night Owls and it was crazy! We had an awesome bunch of people in our team and we couldn’t have done it without them. The entire weekend was super full on but so much fun, and I can’t wait to be able to be part of it again next year!


Sleep levels were at an all time low during the 48 hours. I probably got the most sleep of all of the team members, having gotten 3-4 hours sleep on the Friday night and a further 5 hours on the Saturday night. Never been so tired! From being so run down during that time I ended up getting sick a few days after the weekend which was annoying. Still recovering!


At the moment the films are in heat stage (which is pretty much just airing all 800 films across the country for everyone while the judges do their judging business). We should be finding out tomorrow if our team got through to the city final stage (regionals), and then after that is the grand final (nationals). We’re unable to show the film while we’re still in the competition as you can be disqualified for doing so, but we will defintiely put it up once it’s out of the competition. But fingers crossed that will be a while!


During the heats, the audience can vote for their top 3 favourite films of the heat, and our film won our heat’s audience vote! So stoked. We also got some really great reviews up on the website too. Anyway… can’t wait to show you all it!



One of my favourite things about my relatively new career as a photographer is going location scouting. We go scouting for all of our weddings and shoots. It’s so nice to just get out there and go exploring.


Hook snapped this image of my friend Brit and I while we were out searching in the middle of Summer. Freaking loved this field we were in. Such amazing scenery, and it was so well hidden. We nearly missed it! It was also just really nice to explore an area that neither Brit or I had ever been to. Will have to take her along with us next Summer on some more location scouting trips!


I should show you sometime some of the photos we get while we are out scouting. It’s always a photo of me and for some reason I always look hella un-impressed and bored haha. We have a huge collection of photos of me looking like that now. I should make a blog just for them! :P


Looking forward to our next scouting trip next week in Hamilton! That wedding is going to be amazing! I can feel it!


P.S. That’s my awesome Kelly Moore B-Hobo bag I am wearing (I’m the one in the fuchsia coloured dress). I freaking love it! One of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Keen beans to get another of Kelly’s bags some day.

Shiny new toys.


A few months ago, I helped out with some test footage that Hook was creating on his shiny new toy, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. It’s not a stills camera, it’s a video camera. And boy, is it nice. Hook is obsessed with it, which is adorable. We headed out to a few different locations and at different times of the day with different weather conditions so that we could see how the camera coped with it. It did well. Really well. Above are some of my sneaky Instagrams of our outings for the test shooting, and below is a video that Hook has put together with the footage. Check it out! I may feature… :P



Instagram photos from danelle_b and 2nightowls