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Portrait of a woodland.

Carisse Enderwick Illustration


I would like to introduce you to someone who is very dear to me, Carisse Enderwick. Carisse was one of our lovely brides from last wedding season, and I just absolutely adored her from the get-go. Her wedding was a wonderful woodlands creation full of whimsy (and lots of owls!). The first time I got to see some of her amazing talent was when I opened her save the date. With a very sweet illustration of a pair of foxes, which she illustrated herself, I knew I was in for a treat when the formal invitation arrived! The invitation blew me away! Her illustration skills were incredible. You have to check this invite out for yourself.


Since her wedding, Carisse has started up her own little illustration business and now sells some of her prints on Felt! Carisse was kind enough to gift Hook and I some lovely illustrations of two owls (pictured above) which are now showcased in our home. They are amazing and perfect for us! <3


To top off this awesomeness, Carisse is giving away one print from her series ‘Portrait of a Woodland’ over on Facebook! All you have to do is tell her which of the four critters above you would love to own and you’re in to win! Since I already have the two owls (would be my obvious first choice otherwise), my favourite is that sweet bear. He looks like he would love some owl friends to hang out with. Hehe. So, head on over to Carisse’s Facebook page, like it (!), like her competition post and let her know which creature is your favourite! I know I would have more chance at winning by not sharing this with you all, but really, I can’t keep my love for Carisse’s work a secret! It’s just too good!

Lydia Bakes.


If you don’t follow Lydia Bakes, you should probably start now. Especially if you’re into baking! She has some of the yummiest looking baked goods on her blog, along with great recipes and helpful tips and tutorials for baking.


Yesterday Lydia popped over for the afternoon (bringing along with her some yummy cookies and the Amy Atlas book for me!) so that we could give her blog a bit of a refresher. She had previously been using one of the simple blog templates from Blogger (urgh!) and it just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Due to some annoying issues (Google’s fault), we can’t quite move her blog over to WordPress just yet, so we thought a design refresher would do the trick for now.


Now, just to remind you in case you didn’t already know, I’m not a web developer. I’d consider myself average at best with HTML and CSS, and don’t know much more beyond that. So these were never going to be huge changes, but enough so that it just brought the blog together a little more, more cohesive, and something that Lydia would love and she would be proud of. For now that is. :P


We decided on a soft pastels colour palette to make it easy on the eye, and a fun chevron background that wasn’t too in-your-face. Light and simple. We chose some new fonts and I also made her a quick new logo for her blog banner, which gave it a bit of hand-drawn feel. There were other changes made which may not be as noticeable (like getting rid of those awful borders and shadows around images that Blogger seems to think are the bees knees) which helped tie it all together. Super stoked with how much better the blog looks and it now compliments Lydia’s ever improving photography skills too! So proud of how far she has come with her photography and I’m sure after watching me yesterday she might have learnt a few more blogging/coding tricks too. So check out her lovely baking blog sometime and maybe try out some of her delicious looking recipes!

Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar


If you are an Aucklander, you should have by now heard about the amazing new cookie place that has opened up in the city recently, Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar. Prior to it’s opening last Friday, they had already attracted a huge buzz through Facebook. On their opening day, they sold out of cookies well before closing time and stayed up that evening baking their butts off so that it wouldn’t happen again on their second day.


I finally got around to visiting their quaint little store yesterday (which is just around the corner from The Civic on Wellesley St for those wondering) and found the decor super cute! I especially love their hanging glass milk bottles.


I got there just a little before 2pm and they had only a few flavours left which was a shame. Guess you have to get in early to get some of the more popular flavours like oreo marshmallow (!!!) and peanut butter. I decided to get cinnamon and the good old classic chocolate chip. I would have gotten more had I not felt like I would have died from a sugar overload.


Cinnamon - woah. SO GOOD. It’s like a giant snickerdoodle. Totally a fav of mine. Will definitely be getting that one again! Chocolate Chip - Those giant chunks of Whittakers chocolate are drool-worthy! I don’t usually have chocolate chip cookies that aren’t Cookie Time ones so I don’t have a lot to compare to but damn! It was gooooood.


I can’t wait to go back there another time and try out some of their amazing sounding milkshakes and get some of those other cookie flavours that I missed out on.


Can’t. Stop. Drooling.

Cupcake Tree


I have such a sweet tooth. Got to cut it out though really. I eat FAR too much sugar. Particularly because of energy drinks. And Coke. Oh gosh, do I love Coke. And candy. I think I may have a sugar problem!


These were some yummy cupcakes from The Cupcake Tree in Auckland CBD that my old flatmate bought me for helping her move out. They’re pretty cute!

Toodles Noodles


My friend and work buddy Liora is the head honcho over at Toodles Noodles, a sweet stationery shop! They’re having a sale 30% off sale for all of June so head over to their shop and grab some cute little items. I’m eyeing up those little penguin tags! :D

Consider me charmed at the science in our skulls.

Although it was a short week due to Monday being a public holiday here, this week feels like it has dragged on and on and on. So very glad it is Friday night! Had a pretty stressful day today so I’m glad to be just chilling at home, watching some TV (The Voice!) and going through my build up of Google Reader posts. Hook is by my side working on a nerdy little project for himself… :P


Looking forward to making some serious headway on a website project I’ve got going on at the moment. Got some photo editing to be done and a few client meetings too. Just hope I can squeeze in a moment somewhere to go see Prometheus at the movies!


Hope ya’ll have a great weekend too! Got plans?



  1. Ah! Hand painted save the date time-lapse! Why doesn’t everyone do this?!

  3. The very talented Colleen launched her awesome new Dear Colleen website and shop in the last few days! Already bought two items from it. :P Check out her work! She’s the bomb. Yep. The bomb.

  5. Such a cool geometric deer head print! Me want!

  7. Holy balls. Dark chocolate chip skillet cookie. WOAH.

  9. There’s something about this illustrated anatomy book that really captivates me. The colour palette, the well integrated type, the illustrations. Just awesome.

  11. Totally loving this beer packaging/branding design. So simple. It’s brilliant.

Have heart, my dear.

What a freaking awesome past two days I have had. Semi Permanent 2012. Just amazing. Will do a post about it soon I hope! So much to soak in. Not much else to say at the moment so I will just leave you with these finds!



  1. Just recently came across the work of Lab Partners and it’s fantastic. Their website design is brilliant too. So cohesive.

  3. I’m not a vegetarian but some of their dishes I definitely gravitate towards. Like this portobello mushroom and capsicum fajita!

  5. Julie Song has made the most stunning wedding stationery suite ever. The water colour type and illustration is so delicate and perfect. Absolute love.

  7. No need for an introduction here. Molly Jacques. Check it.

  9. I wish I had a reason to make and wear one of these gorgeous diy flower crowns.

  11. I really love branding that works with a really well  executed visual system that can be used in a number of ways. Colours, shapes and forms. Just like this one by Hey Studio.

The world just falls away.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a weekend links post. Thought it was about time I got my butt into gear and did another one. Everytime I do one it just reminds me that I really want to re-brand/re-design my website. One day…


Loved this weekend. It’s been the first weekend in ages where we haven’t been doing a shoot, meeting with clients, or been away from home. So it’s been great to finally get some relaxation time in there, amongst doing more editing.


Now it’s time for a big decision…. make pancakes or go get chilli cheese fries from Carl’s Jr. Life’s tough.



  1. Yani Arabena and Guille Vizzari are doing some really awesome type work right now. Totally loving their placemat designs for BZP Bazar.

  3. Have just added this minimalistic ombre + grid duvet cover to my wishlist.

  5. Quirky soap designs by Daniel Ting Chong. I love the puns on them!

  7. Succulent cupcakes; I didn’t even realise that these were real cupcakes when I first saw them!

  9. Anything cinnamon related always catches my eye. And then makes me drool. Cinnamon sugar messy bread, get in my belly!

  11. Hazel Wonderland have some really gorgeous calligraphic work in their store. Particularly in love with this woodland + nature wedding invitation suite.

We can get crazy, let it all out

There is nothing worse than waking up early on your day off. Especially waking up at 8.30am when I had my alarm set for 10am. Grr.


The one thing I really dislike about Easter, is that all the shops close on Friday and Sunday. When I have a day off I generally like to shop, so this is annoying for me. Since it’s Saturday now, we have to organise everything for the big job no Monday and make sure we buy everything that we need for it today. We will be going out soon to pick up a second 5D MKiii for the job. Eeee! Then back to planning and buying.


Currently listening to: Hot Chelle Rae – Whatever

So much pop. I love it.


Here are a few little bits and pieces for you to gaze over this weekend! :)



  1. I’m really loving these ombre tights!

  3. Rubber stamps + chipboard = a gorgeous save the date.

  5. Cute striped, floral and confetti patterned eggs.

  7. These diy chalkboard table runners are a pretty cool idea to minimize what you need on a table at an event.

  9. Umm. How freaking cool would it be to have your own paper doll of yourself!! I want one.

  11. I really love the use of mini envelopes on things like these gender announcements! I may need to borrow this idea for something I’d like to make in the next 6 months!

Little Ink


I’ve got a real problem with buying pretty little crafty items that I totally don’t need but boy, do I want them! Rachel of Made From Scratch recently introduced me to this New Zealand based store, Little Ink. It’s so pretty! I basically want every item in their shop. I’d never use those twistie ties, like… ever, but I sure do want them in every colour and pattern! Adding to my wishlist…