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I can’t believe it’s August already. MENTAL. This year has gone so quickly already. I’m really looking forward to it being Spring soon. Daffodils!


Thing I’m looking forward to the most in August: We Can Create


The past few days…



Sunshine on my walks to and from work. Avocado on toasted bagels. Tattly order arriving.

Printed mock ups of a wedding invitation design. His and hers (mine’s fake) 48May tattoos.

Watching a Streetfighter tournament whilst eating Ginger Kisses in bed. Captain America ftw.

A little weekend recap.

Drinking iced coffee. Neon pink/red nails. Cherries. Foxes and Flourish online shopping.

Holding the cutest little schnauzer puppy at the pet store and wanting to keep him.

New dresses. Watching Love Bites. Wedding invitation designing. Sleeping in.



I updated my iPhone from IOS 3.0 to IOS 4.2 last week so as you can see from the above images, I’ve finally been able to get Instagram! I’ve already found a bunch of people on there that post photos of their adorable asian babies (for those of you who don’t know me well enough, I LOVE chubby asian babies, they’re by far the cutest babies around). I love how easy it is to send the images to any social networking site. So good. Feel free to follow me there too if you’d like. Username: danellebourgeois.


On a completely unrelated note, my boyfriend linked me to this web designer’s website today and it’s freaking hilarious. Especially if you’re a designer and deal with clients like those he speaks of. Definitely check it out if you haven’t already.


The weather here in New Zealand is absolutely mental at the moment. It’s snowing all over the place. I made the mistake of wearing my hair out and not wearing gloves on my way to work this morning. The insanely cold wind knotted up my hair and gave me red hands from wind burn whilst I held my umbrella so tightly so that it wouldn’t blow away. I decided to wear my new yellow dress. Had like 5 people comment on how summery I looked. I told them it was to counteract the weather outside. Best choice I made all day.


How was your Monday? Or maybe Sunday because it’s still Sunday in America isn’t it?

I’m in the fuuuuutuuuurrre.

I swear I’d do my best to keep you around.

Weekend Recap…

I had been looking forward to last weekend for so long, and now that it’s over I can’t think of anything fun coming up to look forward to. Boooooo. I guess it’s time to get back to reality and back to ticking things off my to-do list.


I loved having my best friend Brit in Auckland. That’s Brit and I below (both of us are wearing our Beautiful You necklace purchases!). I look pretty excited cause we were waiting for the Walking With Dinosaurs show to start…



… Which was awesome! It’s hard to tell how big they are until you see the little guy with them in the picture below. The dinos were amazing - so lifelike! The velociraptors were the best! The people in them moved so well. And the bigger dinos, you didn’t even notice the cart things they were on after a while, they just blurred into the scenery really, so they looked incredible. Some of them stuck their heads out over the crowd and got quite close. Amazing! The little man, the ‘paleontologist’, was fantastic too – quite funny!



On Saturday evening I went to my friend Jessamy‘s 21st birthday party which was ace (I can’t believe she’s 21 now! She was like 14 when I first met her!). She hired a photobooth and I made some props for it using downloads from Oh Happy Day and The Pretty Blog. Such a fun night! (Minus the insane heavy rain that poured down on us as we arrived. What’s up with this crazy weather, Auckland?!)



Two mentions in one week…

The awesome Zoe of Pretty Zoo mentioned my blog in her latest NZ Love post! Zoe is a graphic designer and illustrator and she has some sweet work up on her site which you should all check out. She is a New Zealander, currently living in Germany, and is about to move to London – so jealous of all of her travels!


Her blog has introduced me to a bunch of kiwi bloggers that I had no idea about so I’m super grateful for that, and the fact that she classed my blog in amongst their fantastic ones is amazing to me!


Thank you Zoe!



Aaaaand just as I was about to post this I find that the wonderful Vanessa of Hello Vanny included my inspiration post from the other day in her latest 8-Bits post! Vanessa is pretty much the best, so you should all go check out her blog! We pretty much have the EXACT same taste in everything, making me equally as awesome her. :’D


Thanks Vanessa!



It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and a little down on yourself in the creative industry. You can get yourself into a slump. Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to get you back on track, to give you the push you need.


I came across this post the other day on Scoutie Girl about 8 Secrets You Need To Know About Being A Leader In Your Field and it was exactly what I needed to get my head back in the game. I hope you find these quote prints inspiring too!



Go Confidently by Waxpaper Design


You Are So Very Worthy by Lisa Barbero



Work Hard And Be Nice To People by Anthony Burrill


Make Your Mark On The World by Anthony Burrill


Make Your Own Luck by Lucius Art



A Beautiful Thing Is Never Perfect by Lisa Barbero


If You Want The Rainbow You’ve Got To Put Up With The Rain by Sarah Winter


Don’t Give Up by Print Liberation


Check out Brittni’s post for some of her inspiring comments.

It’s finally here!

This took me a lot longer than I had hoped it would but here we are!



I have finally moved away from my old Blogspot and have a brand spanking new website!

I couldn’t be more pleased with it!


I wanted to get away from Blogspot for a while for a number of reasons. I found it a little bit clunky, not that nice to customize and I wanted to have more of a portfolio site, as well as the blog. I found a WordPress theme that I really liked and decided to purchase it even though I knew a fair bit of customizing would need to be done to get it just the way I wanted.


Let me just say, THANK GOD for my boyfriend!

There is no way I could have done this all myself. I’m sure I would have thrown something at the computer and smashed it had he not been there to figure out some all of the PHP/CSS stuff. He is the best!


I was also lucky enough to pick a theme that had a fantastic creator/support team. They helped me out with some of the customizing and were extremely prompt with getting back to me. Literally minutes after I’d emailed they replied with a fix! Big thank you to the Elemis team!


So I hope you all like my revamp as much as I do! I’ve been missing doing my blog posts more than I thought I would, so I can’t wait to jump back into the swing of things. I’ve got a few fun things to show you all!


I’ve also started a brand new Twitter that is more focused on my site, graphic design, baking, etc. So check it out and follow me!


P.S. If you spot anything buggy with my site please contact me and let me know! I’m a bit of a perfectionist so if something’s not working or a little bit off I want it fixed! :P

Time for a quarter life crisis?

Today, I turn 25 years old. Goodie.
Should I be panicking? 5 years away from 30! Oooohhhh.

It’s alright, I’m not panicking. Getting older doesn’t really phase me. Yet. Haha!

Anyway… I’ve been spoilt. Check out my amazing gifts from my boyfriend, Carly and Aishia!



Biscuiteers Book of Iced Biscuits - Hook
Macarons - Aishia<
Paper + Craft - Hook
Reinventing Letterpress - Hook
Whoopie Pies - Hook
Tall vase - Hook (not pictured)
Jurassic Park Trilogy DVD - Carly (not pictured)
Serendipity DVD - Carly (not pictured)
Bruno Mars concert ticket - Carly (not pictured)


Cannot wait to try out some of the recipes from that Macaron book and the iced biscuit book has some fantastic tips and tricks!


I’ve never actually had a whoopie before, unless they are what I think they are (ginger/chocolate kisses is what they call them in New Zealand), so I’m very intrigued to try those out! There’s even a giant whoopie pie cake recipe in there!

Also… Turns out that I already own that Reinventing Letterpress book. I actually added that book to my wishlist without knowing that it’s the exact same book as The Little Book of Letterpress, which I already own. The inside is exactly the same, it’s by the same author and everything. It just has different covers and different titles. HOW ANNOYING. So that’s being sent back so that I get store credit.


So yeah, I’m spoilt. Fantastic boyfriend and friends. Love you all!

When the flowers bloom.

I am far too slow at blogging. Really need to get on top of that…


Especially since these flowers (below) died a few days ago and have since been thrown out! And I have a new bunch of flowers (compliments of my boyfriend on Valentines Day) sitting on my desk. But look at how pretty they were when they were at their prime!


I believe they are pink and white tulips. When I got them home and put them in the vase I realised that one of them had a little baby growing on it. So cute!



I intend to do more blogging tonight, or at least get the ball rolling because I have a heap of fun things to blog that I’ve been so slack at posting. Just need to do a bit of photo editing, then do the write-ups.


I’ve got a travel/journey inspired wedding invitation, a beach themed wedding invitation and a baby shower invitation to show you, all of which I designed! Hope you like them!

Also got some heart cookie pops I made for Valentines Day and my second attempt at macarons to post about! Very excited to show you guys those. I just need my boyfriend to return home so I can borrow his flash to get some better photos. :P


I sent off my third wedding invitation artwork to the letterpress place today. Can’t wait to see it finished! It had some stunning calligraphy on it, all of which I will blog about when I get my final printed copy back.


As well as finishing that invite up today, I got a grommet put in my ear. A bit random, I know. Adults don’t usually get glue ear but my health is so ridiculous that it decided to block my ear up. Since I will be going to Australia in 11 days I needed to get a grommet put in before the flight so that I won’t be in a ludicrous amount of pain.


The entire procedure was horrible. My ENT specialist is great, but man, I was not prepared for that pain/discomfort. He said that putting the first injection of anesthetic would be the worst part, but it wasn’t. When he made the incision in my ear drum it was awful. It was so hard to tell if I was in pain or if it was just major discomfort from the pressure. He tried to put the grommet in but the incision was too small so that hurt like crazy! He made the incision bigger and then got the grommet in fine. But boy, was that an ordeal. I cried. Yep. Bit of a baby… haha.


Fingers crossed it feels fine in the morning and actually helps with the equalizing on the flight. Wish me luck!

P.S. I’ve added a labels list down the right hand side of my blog to make it easier for people to look through particular things, like just cupcakes, or just graphic design, etc.

Home is where the heart is.

I thought I should introduce my little work space to you all. I live in a teeny apartment so there’s not enough room to have my own desk so the dining table is all I have to work with.


It has everything I need. I guess if I want to start doing crafty things I will just use the rest of the table or the floor for my work area. Flatmates are gonna love that although right now lots of floor space is taken up with the boy’s photography, video and sound gear.



Things I must have at my work space:


iMac Could always do with upgrading, so who will buy me one?
External hard-drive
USB hub How I got on without one of these prior to buying this one is beyond me
Wacom pen tablet Home one is an Intuos 3 (A5 size), work one is an Intuos 4 (large)
iPhone Always with me
Inspiration board Fashioned mine out of cooking twine and cute pastel coloured bulldog clips
Stack of magazines My favourite is IdN and Prodesign is pretty good too
Canon G11 Recently purchased, these photos are taken with it (will probably do a post about the camera in the near future)



And as an added bonus to my work space, my awesome Fishy sits right beside me.


My family are the best. I don’t know what more to say other than that. They’ve always been there. We’ve had our ups and downs but got through them all and I couldn’t be happier with how everything has turned out.


I’m very lucky and I don’t thank them enough for everything they have done for me.


So please, meet my family….


Coombe / Gratkowski (Mother’s side)

This is my mother, Marysia. She’s just like me. I really am my mother’s daughter. Possibly not for the better though… I inherited her forgetfulness and bad listening skills. I’m thankful that I got her daydreaming side. I daydream ALL THE TIME and I believe she does the same.


So many people comment on my mother’s looks. “Is she your sister?” Hahaha. Good one. When she was 18 years old she came third in Miss New Zealand (the winner being Lorraine Downes, who went on to win Miss World that year) and when I was about 6 years old she won Mrs Australasia.



This is my step-dad, Mike and step-brother, Ben. Mike is pretty great. Couldn’t have hoped for mum to meet a better fellow.



Mum comes from a large family of six children. I don’t often see my aunties and uncles but recently my Aunty Ania (on the left below) moved to Tauranga where my mum lives which is the best. She’s more pro at baking than I am AND she’s a nail technician! The best!



My brother, Cam, is one of the funniest people I have ever met. We have the same sense of humour. He’s 18 months younger than me and now lives a 9 hour drive away from me and I don’t like that at all. I keep pestering him to move up here.


We have always gotten along pretty well. Had a few little fights when we were little. I recall being punched in the nose twice, and us spitting at each other when we fought over the basin, but apart from that I thought he was awesome. He probably thought I was a loser. :’D I did break his arm once, not on purpose of course! And I’ve always felt crazy bad about it.




This is Chloe, my mum’s flying dog. She’s adorable and I love her to pieces. So glad my parents both got dogs that are hypoallergenic since I have a horrible allergy to furry things. :(



Bourgeois (Father’s side)

Like father, like son? This is my grandfather, Raymond and father, Brent. My dad is the biggest beach bum I know of. He lives and breathes the ocean. He owns so much surfing collector items that he’s run out of places to put them. He goes surfing as often as possible. He’s very lucky that my step-mum, Tracey (who I failed to get a photo of at this Christmas get-together) is just as much of a surfer as he is.



Grandpa and Grandma, Patricia, are some of the funniest people I’ve met also. They are so hilarious together. Always making fun of eachother. It scares me to death to think that they may be gone soon. My grandma hates that I took this photo of her. I refused to delete it.



Step-sister, Jordan. She’s amazing and has quite a personality! Super talented, dramatic and inspirational.



Step-sister, Holly dolly. Gosh she’s a cheeky one. I don’t know what to say about her other than “Look at that cute face!”. I want to pinch her cheeks every time I see her.




As I said, my family are the best.

Hello world.

Oh yes, my very own blog.
For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Danelle. It’s nice to ‘meet’ you.



My posts will consist of my baking, my graphic design and my adventures.
I hope you all enjoy following the journey that is my life.