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Won’t you run away with me.


It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve had a weekend that wasn’t insanely busy with work things, wasn’t sick or wasn’t so boring I just watched TV shows the whole weekend. This one has been a great mix. I took my camera out with me yesterday all day – lugged that Canon 5D MKiii and 85mm 1.2 lens around the whole time which are crazy heavy – and I didn’t take a single photo. Hahaha. Doh!


It was a great day though. Caught up with a high school friend who has been living in the same city as me for ages now and I barely see her! So definitely will be making a huge effort to see her more often. We enjoyed a yummy lunch at Tyler Street Garage, followed by some gift shopping and a coffee and lemon tart slice at Mezze before heading home to look through old photos and notes we gave each other in high school. So much reminiscing!


And today has been spent having lunch out at Mink Cafe with Hook and a little shopping/organising, whilst doing some vague business brainstorming. So much to do before summer hits. So many plans and ideas! Gotta knuckle down and get them all sorted and planned out!


The weekend isn’t over yet, and maybe I’ll still get some photos before the day is out. Fingers crossed!

Mopey McSulkison.


Feeling a bit like this today. Sulk.

The warm nights will stay beside me.


Feeling a little home-sick at the moment. Home-sick for family. I’d love to be moping around my Mum’s house right now. Sitting outside on their patio, complaining to Mum about my ear pain and how gross my nose stuff is right now.


If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you may already know, but I had surgery last Thursday, so I’m currently still recovering. I had a grommet put into each ear as well as a bit of a sinus clean up. The day of the surgery I was feeling great. I couldn’t believe that I was allowed to go home within 4-5 hours of the surgery (last time I had this surgery I had to stay the night in hospital – blahhh!), and I was feeling pretty good. Wasn’t really tired at all, but knew I had to take it easy so I spent most of my time moving between bed and the couch watching TV shows and movies with Hook.


Recovery seems to be taking a little longer than I had hoped though now and things seem to be getting worse before they get better, unfortunately. I’m sure it will be fine, but for now it’s all just annoying and I’m sitting around home sulking while Hook is out working on the second season of Flat3 (which I highly recommend you all watching because it’s hilarious!) My ears are driving me up the wall, and what I can taste and smell is utterly revolting. Really wouldn’t wish this on anyone!


At least it’s giving me a good chance to catch up on blogging, right? I even managed to do some baking yesterday which is my biggest accomplishment from the last 5 days. It may have made my nose leak from all the moving around, but hey, at least I got cookies out of it! Might post that recipe sometime soon too!

Frozen image of ourselves.


I’m going to try make more of an effort to take my camera with me on the weekends. Whatever we end up doing. I’d like to document my life more. On my 5D, rather than my iPhone. Haha. These snaps were taken while we were out getting footage for Hook’s Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera testing. You can check it on our A Couple Of Night Owls blog. I may feature in it a little. :P


This was the day I first started to feel sick during the weekend. I woke up with aching muscles and a sore throat. It escalated pretty quickly I guess and I was lucky that I even managed to get to the Kinfolk Honey Harvest Workshop at all. Once I got home from that it was all downhill from there. What started off as a chest infection has turned in to blocked ears and some wicked pain. Turns out I have glue ear (again!) and a tear in my ear drum. So I’m a bit deaf. I have surgery booked in soon to have bilateral grommets put in, and I have to decide whether I want to have some sinus surgery too. Big decisions!


We have had quite a lazy first day of the weekend (not that it really feels overly weekend-like to me since I didn’t manage to go to work at all this past week). Finished watching the rest of the first season of Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black. We only finished the last episode a few hours ago and I already want to see more asap! Highly recommended show.


Enough from me. I’ve got some cleaning to do before getting back into bed haha. Have a good weekend everyone!

A tad bit jealous.


I might just be a wee bit jealous of my brother right now. Just a tad. Last week, he and his girlfriend left New Zealand to live in South East Asia. He’s a web developer and was offered the opportunity to work freelance styles. Doesn’t matter where he is, as long as he as access to the internet. So he jumped at the chance to do some travelling abroad. He’s currently ‘holidaying’ in Bali. Then heading to Malaysia and Thailand and a billion other places.


I spent a week in Tauranga to spend some quality time with him before he left. That’s him and I above, chilling out in the freezing cold at The Mount. I’ll probably share some more moments from my week back at home some other time.


As you can see from below, Rosie was not happy about Cam leaving. :P




So, to all you designers or anyone else needing a web developer, hit up my bro – Cameron, aka Digital Nomad!


Chop chop.


Yesterday I took the plunge and got my hair cut short! I had been thinking about it over the last few weeks and knew I had to do it in order to help make a medical condition (psoriasis) more manageable for myself. I should be washing my hair a million times more often than I do with this skin issue, but with such long hair (far below boob length) the washing and drying just takes sooooo looooong (read: lazy). And I should be leaving my hair out as often as I can and not tying it up, so keeping it short means I won’t have the option!


My hair had been so long for years now that I knew I was really going to miss it, but it had to be done. I went with a medium length straight bob cut. I am thinking about getting some different brown foils put through as I am not really a fan of my natural mouse brown.


Will definitely miss my go-to fishtail braids, but I’ll just have to find some fun new ways to style this new do! Any suggestions, throw them at me!


P.S. Seems so silly to only bother with a crappy Instagram photo here considering we have thousands of dollars worth of camera gear sitting about 1 metre away from me, but I’m too lazy to get it out. :P

Cookie Swap!


On Saturday I got together with some lovely bloggers from Auckland for a Midwinter Christmas Cookie Swap! Cookie swaps aren’t really a common event here in New Zealand, so most people here don’t really understand what they are. For those readers who don’t know, it’s basically just a bunch of people baking some cookies and bringing them along to a gathering, eating some of them and then taking a few of each cookie home! It’s super fun!


The wonderful Lydia of Lydia Bakes hosted ours and put together this awesome cookie table for us with milk and shots of hot chocolate. That girl has a really good eye for dessert table decorating! The other bloggers who attended were Amanda of Here Comes The Sun (who brought along some delish teas for us!), Kirsten of High Tea With Dragons, and Melissa and Courtenay of Baking Makes Things Better. Was so lovely to meet those I hadn’t met before and catch up with those I already knew!


The cookies brought along were :
(I’ll be updating this with links as everyone posts their recipes up)


They were all so good! I ate one of each while I was there, as well as some crackers and cheese in between to even out the sugar overload haha. And then we each got to take home a little goodie pack full of cookies. The packaging was kindly donated by the wonderful online store, Little Ink. If you don’t know about this store go check it out! I blogged about them ages ago and have bought quite a few little bits and pieces for packaging from them and love them!


Hopefully we can make this cookie swap an annual event because it was so much fun! And such a cool way to get together with other like-minded bloggers and bakers! You definitely don’t need to be a pro baker to do a cookie swap. Just get a bunch of friends together and do one! It’s easy peasy, and you get to eat a lot of cookies!!! :P

Light up the sky.


It’s getting pretty damn cold in the evenings now. The weather here has been a bit rubbish lately, so I was pretty stoked to see this sky tonight on my way home from work. Hopefully it means tomorrow will be a nice day!


Monday was a public holiday here in New Zealand, so today is a four day week. It’s only Wednesday and it already feels like the week is draaaagging on and on and on. Hanging out for the weekend. I’m pretty excited about it because I’m going to my very first cookie swap! I’ll be meeting up with a bunch of awesome bloggers from Auckland and swapping yummy cookies and hanging out. Woop! On the downside, now I have to actually bake something haha. Thinking of making these chocolate truffle cookies, which don’t look that appealing but they are DELISH. Considering making a batch of some other kind of cookie as well but can’t decide what. Anyone got any great cookie recipes I could try?

An afternoon amongst the trees and mud.


On Saturday I was a guest at wedding for the first time since starting up our wedding photography business. Needless to say, I was pretty excited! Our good friends Si and Soph {Bayly & Moore} got married in a sweet little valley amongst the trees and the mud. It was fantastic! My only regret was not wearing gumboots with giant wooly socks. My feed did freeze a little bit in my flats and stockings haha.


Soph looked freaking gorgeous in her stunning dress, and Si looked handsome as always in his dapper suit. The wedding was full of laughter and good talks, and no matter who you were talking to, you knew you were with a really great person – because Si and Soph only surround themselves with the best people ever. There was fantastic live music and AMAZING food. All the guests were given little pots of honey from the bees in Soph’s backyard, and a sweet little vintage blanket to keep ourselves warm and huddled around the bonfire. The bride and groom even cut one of their 16 wedding cakes with an axe! Everything about this wedding summed up the two of them so well, and it couldn’t have been more perfect for them. Best wedding ever!


You can see a little preview of their professional wedding photos from Ryan and Heidi here!

Come what may.


May already? Whaaaaat. This year is already flying by (Although they all do don’t they? I don’t think I’ve ever had a year go slowly… ). This month seems like it’s shaping up to be pretty awesome. Shooting a wedding on Saturday (which I’m uber excited about), got a friends wedding the weekend after (crazy looking forward to being a guest at a wedding haha), a free weekend the weekend after that (might use it to go home to Tauranga to see the family / edit the wedding), 48Hour Furious Filmmaking the weekend after that, and then finally Semi-Permanent on the last weekend of May/start of June! So pumped!


Got back from Christchurch today, after spending 3 days there again for a big work project. Heading back on Monday for the day, and then may have to go back again on Wednesday but we will see. I’m so over flying that it’s not even funny. It’s really the only downside of this project, because going to Christchurch, as well as the project and team have been pretty good! I get a nice car to drive around and a really nice hotel to stay in too. Hehe.


Right, gotta head off to pack up our gear as well as my own luggage in preparation for heading to Hamilton tomorrow for that wedding. Looking forward to the location scouting tomorrow!


Have you guys got any fun plans for May?