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Sweet tooth.

Bluebells Cakery | Danelle Bourgeois

Bluebells Cakery | Danelle Bourgeois

Bluebells Cakery | Danelle Bourgeois

Bluebells Cakery | Danelle Bourgeois

Bluebells Cakery | Danelle Bourgeois

Bluebells Cakery | Danelle Bourgeois

Bluebells Cakery | Danelle Bourgeois


My sweet tooth gets the best of me sometimes. I should be on my diet (reminder: for health reasons, not weight), but uuuuuuuugh. I’m having a tough time sticking to it lately. I have incredibly bad self-control when it comes to food, so it’s not surprising that I end up cheating on the diet basically every day.


Yesterday was no exception. I met with my awesome friend Lydia (make sure you check out her blog that’s full of wonderful recipes!) for a sweet treat at Bluebells Cakery. It was the first time I’d ever been there (I definitely should have gone sooner but it’s not really anywhere near places I frequent often – Lydia is lucky she lives near it! Hehe). Deciding what to have was quite a dilemma, but of course I went with the very first thing that caught my eye (and my favourite flavour ever); a lemon curd cupcake.


I would actually never purchase a cupcake from a store usually. Any time I’ve tried ones from stores/cafes they’ve always let me down (dry, frosting tastes like butter, no taste to the cake part itself, etc.). But something was telling me that this was going to be a goodie. I mean, Karla’s cakes and cupcakes is what she’s known for so I had to give it a whirl. And boy, it did not disappoint! Everything about this cupcake was awesome – the frosting was so good (cream cheese based, not butter!), not only was the lemon curd drizzled over it – it was also inside it too, and the cake texture was perfect. It had that real home-baked, fresh out of the over feel. So good!


Next time I’m in that neck of the woods, I will definitely be going back there for another yummy treat! I’ll have to persuade myself to try something else, otherwise I’ll just keep getting that damn good lemon curd cupcake haha!

Cookie addict.


I just wanted to share with you all this amazing cookie from Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar that I ate last week. It is a mallowpuff INSIDE a mallowpuff. BOOM. Every week the team at Moustache come up with a new cookie for the week. This one was insane. Some of the other awesome creations that they’ve come up with for their ‘cookie of the week’ have been:


  • the Cherry Pie Cookie
  • the Pavlova Cookie
  • the Big Squiggle
  • Cookie Burgers
  • the Raspberry Lamington Cookie
  • the Lemon Poppy Seed Cookie
  • the Banoffee Pie Cookie
  • the Hot Cross Bun Cookie
  • the Creme Brulee Cookie
  • and my all time favourite – the Carrot Cake Cookie (with cream cheese icing and all!)


If you are visiting Auckland some time, you HAVE to make Moustache one of your places to visit for sure. I highly reccomend their Cinnamon Cookie! Tastes like mini donuts! And their Chocolate Chunk one is always a total crowd pleaser. I shall try to take more photos of their amazing cookies that I get. But it will be a race against my mouth/stomach as to whether or not I will get a photo haha.



I can’t just buy one macaron. I have to buy a few different flavours. I mean, what if one of them is bad? (Not likely, but I have to have some kind of reason right?).


A few weeks ago the girl at Yoobee told me to try the macarons from The Store. As soon as she implanted the thought into my mind, I just couldn’t get it out. Unfortunately, when she was telling me about it, The Store was actually just closing so I missed out. I finally got a chance to pass by it while it was open on the weekend. It was a real tough choice deciding on the flavours. I ended up with cappuccino, chocolate, orange and passionfruit, and vanilla (not pictured). They were pretty darn good! Definitely will be going back to get more some time since they’re so close to my place!


Late-note… I looked at their opening hours and they open at 6.30am. Which means I can get some before work! Macaron breakfast anyone?

Baby when the lights go out.


Oh I love lanterns. Hook picked these ones out for us. They’re a set of cute pastel colours (he’s obsessed with pastels) from Typo. Super keen to get a bunch more and have them all over our home!


P.S. I do believe that is my first animated gif on my blog. Oh dear. What have I started?


P.S.S. How awesome is that 5ive reference in the post title, right?



Today I splurged. Splurged big. I am now the proud owner of a Canon 5D MKIII. Oh yes! I cannot wait to start using this bad boy! I wish there were some interesting things to photograph in our apartment tonight but there really isn’t and Hook is unkeen on me taking photos of him. Boo.


Bring on the weekend. We { A Couple Of Night Owls } will be putting it to great use this long weekend (yay Easter!). Will be working on a fun project and I can’t wait to tell you more about it. Now I’m off to do some planning for it! Woo!


P.S. The lovely Rachel of Made From Scratch featured our shoot with Amanda + Jeremy today. She’s the best!

You’re the only place that feels like home.

Apologies for the lateness of this post, again. I’m not going to say I was just ‘so busy’ because that’s a cop-out, and I actually wasn’t too busy at all. Sometimes you just need to have a break. I let my Google Reader get away from me this week and only now, on Sunday evening, am I getting on top of it.


This weekend has been a good one. I spent Saturday shopping my little heart out with my flatmate. I actually bought a ridiculous amount of stuff for myself. A skirt, three tops, two dresses and three pairs of shorts to be exact. Oops. Won’t need to go shopping for quite a while now!



I also bumped into my cousin and ended up sitting in Wendys chatting with her for an hour or so. Was good to catch up with her! Must spend more time with her now that we live in the same city again.


I did manage to pick up some Christmas presents as well. Nearly all done! Just need to get the boy to give me his Christmas wishlist. I bug him on a daily basis about it. :P He must be getting annoyed haha.


Alright, time for bed now! Hope y’all like the links!



  1. Some sweet festive feather gift tags for you to download from Love vs Design.

  3. Have you guys heard of Martha Goes Green yet? If you’re into vegetarian recipes you really should check them out. I studied with two of the lovely ladies behind it and they are very talented! They’ve just put out a 2012 calendar full of yummy looking recipes. Great gift idea for a vegetarian!

  5. Some fantastic tips from Grandma. Some of these are so good!

  7. In our tiny apartment there really isn’t room for an actual Christmas tree and my flatmate and I usually craft something together to hang up as our tree. I wish I had come across this modern geometric Christmas tree print from I Need Nice Things sooner. It’s the epitome of my style at the moment.

  9. Chocolate bark looks so simple to make that I think I might give it a go this Christmas.

  11. Sometimes I wonder if it was worth the 3 years of study to get my bachelor… and then I read posts like this ‘5 reasons to get a graphic design degree‘ and I remember that it was worth it, especially if you want to get into any kind of corporate in-house teams or design firms.

Got my Whimsy Fix!


I bought these lovely little ruffle rose studs from Whimsy Fix from the Foxes Indie Market at We Can Create the other weekend and I love them so much! I originally grabbed the turquoise ones, paid for them and was about to walk off when I noticed they had grey ones too! I thought Carly and Ellie would appreciate the grey ones hehe. How convenient that the change they had given me was the exact amount to grab that second pair. :P


Check out the Whimsy Fix store cause they have heaps of other cute pieces. I kind of want the retro red ones too now!

A bit behind.


Happy Monday everyone!  Hope ya’ll had a good weekend! Mine wasn’t tooooo bad. I worked all day Saturday on a wedding invitation design which I happily got distracted by emailing Vanny (rants ensued). I was really looking forward to Sunday just because I had nothing I needed to do. No deadlines to meet. Just a free day for me to do whatever I wanted. And what did I do? I cleaned! Haha. Yep, that’s me. I like to clean, tidy up and organise things.


I decided to organise the boy’s things in the cupboard into storage containers so that the cupboard wouldn’t be such a horrid mess. I’ve found out that he’s actually much more of a hoarder than I am! And I thought I was pretty bad…. :P


I realised that I’m a bit behind in showing you all some of my new goodies so I also took some photos today (my weakling wrists are really not made to hold a heavy camera whilst also trying to hold a bit of paper to bounce the light off – it really didn’t work when I tried to photograph my own arm either!) of the leather bracelets I bought from Flourish! Vanny got me onto them. Decided to buy a few of them and what I love about them is that I can wear each of them individually or wear all of them at the same time cause the colours I chose go quite well together! Particularly handy when I often wear all black to work, brings a bit of colour in!


So happy that I got them! I was tossing up whether I would even wear them or not because I don’t ever wear bracelets. I don’t even think I own any other ones now. But these have already gotten their fair share of wear so I’m stoked! :)

I love Foxes.


During the weekend I ordered some goodies from is an on-line store of predominately New Zealand indie-design and art. They sell lots of awesome jewellry, clothing, accessories, prints and homeware. Jessica, the wonderful girl who runs Foxes, is pretty much the best. She added in a little something extra in my package – a ring to match the earrings I bought! As I said, the best!


I ordered the black flower earrings and the black geo necklace. Love love love the necklace so much. And I actually almost like the black flower ring Jessica gave me more than the earrings I bought haha! They’re all great though. So happy with them!



Foxes is celebrating their first birthday by giving away a Foxes Birthday Swag Bag containing $210 worth of awesome stuff! Every order made during July gets an entry. So I was sneaky and got my purchases on separate orders so that I got two entries in. :P I want to win!


Jessica is also holding a Foxes Indie-Design Market side event at We Can Create in August which I’m really looking forward to! What’s the bet I buy some more stuff? Hehe!


By the way, you should all enter Polli’s Foxes Giveaway! The winner gets an awesome tote bag, a ‘Let them eat pav’ card (very NZ!) and the peppermint coloured flower ring and earrings (like my black ones above). This giveaway ends on Friday 5th August so get your entries in!

Tattly love.

The awesome Tina of Swissmiss has recently launched Tattly, a store full of temporary tattoos that have been designed by an amazing line up of creatives such as Jessica Hische, Josh Smith, Kelli Anderson and Jessi Arrington – just to name a few.


They are super cheap too! Especially for me, since the New Zealand dollar is so good right now. You can get a set of two for $5 USD or get the entire full set for just $35 USD. Bargain! Be sure to get your order in quick!


I just put my order in for the Type Nerd and Tattone tattoos. Cannot wait for them to arrive!