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Dress lust.


Umm. So I think I just found my most favourite wedding dress designer ever. Sarah Seven. Woah. I love nearly every one of her dresses, and all of the collections are just stunning. But this Fall 2013 collection may just be the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t stop looking at them! That little leather jacket and dress combo is perfection.


If I was getting married, this find would make things awfully difficult. I would even consider having to get multiple dresses and doing a few wardrobe changes throughout the day. Good thing I’m not getting married then right! Ha!

Kirsty + John | Wedding


On the first day of Spring, Hook and I shot our first wedding of the season at the brand new venue, Abbeville Estate. It was such an awesome wedding to start off what is really our ‘first’ wedding season as A Couple Of Night Owls!


Check out the full post on our blog!


When Kirsty and John first contacted us, they had me at “Abbeville Estate”. I had heard about this new venue a while before they had emailed, and I had been dying to check it out! The venue has a church, a homestead and a barn! What more could you want? Plus – this ended up being the very first wedding ever held there and we got to shoot it!


Kirsty and the girls looked absolutely gorgeous! I was in complete awe of them as they were getting ready, and the second I saw that dress… wow! And little Phoebe was super adorable!


I’m so excited for the rest of this wedding season. We have a few more to go for 2012 and then a really full on Summer at the start of 2013. Cannot wait! :)


P.S. A huge thank you to Julia from Studio Home for getting Kirsty and John onto us. Perfect fit!

Wedding season has begun!


I totally forgot to mention that wedding season has begun for A Couple Of Night Owls! We had our first wedding of the season on September 1st – first day of Spring too!


It was a GORGEOUS wedding. Above is a sneak peek from it which is up on our Night Owls blog. Cannot wait to show you all more from it!


Our next wedding isn’t for another few months but I’m looking forward to getting into the thick of it. February/March is probably going to be nuts for us and I’m sure I will lose my mind during that time but I can’t wait! Hehehe.

Deliah + Marshall | Wedding


This year, on my 26th birthday, Hook and I shot our very first wedding together as A Couple Of Night Owls. What a day! I had so much fun and it really gave me the itch to shoot more weddings asap. You can check out our full post of Deliah + Marshall’s wedding at Matakana Country Park over on our A Couple Of Night Owls blog! Hope ya’ll love them as much as we do. :)


If any of you are looking for a wedding photographer (Auckland, anywhere in New Zealand, anywhere in the world!) please get in touch with us! We have some bookings coming up next wedding season which I cannot wait for! Such awesome couples with amazing style! Woo!

A Couple Of Night Owls.

So… I’ve been bit low key on the blog for a while. But I have a good reason for it. A while back I mentioned that Hook and I were going to be doing wedding photography. Well, since then we have been working on our collaboration together and today, we finally got to reveal it to the world! We are … *drum roll please* …  A Couple Of Night Owls!



We spent new years eve at home together brainstorming name ideas and doing business planning. We’re such partiers. Hehehe. The next 5 days were spent doing some serious planning for our first photoshoot together. And it couldn’t have gone more perfectly! Amanda and Jeremy were amazing to work with! Below are some of my favourite shots from the shoot but you can check out the full collection over on our A Couple Of Night Owls blog.



I’m SO happy that I get to work with Hook now and I wish we had started it sooner! He’s the best! <3


So please check out our website, Facebook and/or Twitter … and keep us in mind if you or someone you know is looking for photographer with our style! :)

Bright delight.


I would never be able to get married, purely because I wouldn’t be able to decide whether I wanted a more structured dress or a ruffled dress. No wonder brides get so stressed out. There are way too many amazing choices out there and you can’t have it all (well you could but your wedding would more than likely not look that great).


And those colours! Woah. I’m seeing more weddings on the blogs these days that have coloured dresses instead of the traditional white/champagne colours. I love it!


Images: Monique Lhuillier 2012 Resort Collection via The Wedding Chicks

Now doing wedding photography!

How’s everyone’s weekends going? The weather here in Auckland has been a bit up and down. Yesterday was really lovely, but today… rain. I was planning on doing a little photoshoot with my cousin today but the rain put a stop to that. Will have to wait till next weekend I guess.


My boyfriend and I have started to do wedding photography! I’m pretty excited about getting into this, combining two of my favourite things – weddings and photography! We’d really appreciate if you all could keep an ear out for anyone getting married who is in need of a wedding photographer, as well as anyone interested in engagement shoots or couple shoots. For now, until we get a new site and Facebook page going, you can check out some old photography (hasn’t been updated in a while) at


Email me!



  1. This wedding invitation suite is simply stunning! Perfect for an outdoor garden wedding. I wish I had illustration skills like Anna’s from Rifle Paper Co.

  3. These downloadable ‘hello’ gift tags from Shimtokk are very cute! Great way to jazz up some simple gift wrapping.

  5. Any of my close friends will know what my drink of choice is and now it comes in a macaron flavour?! I will HAVE to try out this lemon, lime and bitters macaron recipe when I’m allowed to eat things again.

  7. Big fan of anything to do with washi tape, so finding new ways to use it is always fun! Check out this DIY washi tape flatware post. They’d be really cute for a small dinner party or picnic.

  9. Wishing my hair had nice waves in it so I could pull this 3 twists hairstyle off! Not quite sure it would work with my straight hair but I might give it a go.

  11. It’s Yellow Week over at Hello, Friend and they’ve been posting some great yellow inspiration for it. I particularly love the DIY gift wrap/packaging and the DIY jar decorating posts.


What an interesting past few days…



I spent all weekend and Monday night assembling wedding invitations. Trimming, double-sided taping, creasing, folding, circle cutting, envelope stuffing and packaging them all up so that they can travel all the way to Australia. Thank you to Carly for helping me with that! I posted them yesterday morning and I hope they arrive in perfect condition! Never can trust the couriers though. I just checked the tracking… they left New Zealand at 2.45am! :D


Yesterday I went to write this post only to find a big warning pop up saying that i had malicious content on my site! Booooooo. I got hacked. :( Luckily my boyfriend is pretty much the best. He instantly took my site down, found the hacked bits, fixed them all and got it back up and running that evening. The best. <3


Now it’s Wednesday night and I’m about to get cracking on a little mini project to help my friend out. Should be fun. And I’m SUPER looking forward to Friday as it’s day one of We Can Create! Couldn’t be more excited! I pretty much live for this two day event every year. Can’t wait to see Sara Blake‘s exhibition and the Foxes indie market!


Might be a little quiet on here for a few days… If you’re lucky you will get a weekend links post on Sunday. Hehehe.

My first feature!

I woke up this morning to find that my passport wedding invitation had it’s very own feature post on Paper Crave!


Check out the post here!


So so so happy! I’ve had such fantastic feedback about my invitation and couldn’t be more pleased. I cannot wait to do more fun wedding invitation designs to follow this one up!

Miche and Steve say ‘I do’.

Check out the amazing stop motion movie of my co-worker Michelle and her new hubby Steve’s wedding day. So super cute!



The passport wedding invitation that I designed for them (you can see the full post about the invitation here) features at the start of the movie. It’s doing a fun little dance. Hehe.


Michelle looked absolutely stunning and her dress was gorgeous! She got it made so that the bottom half came off and it turned into a sweet cocktail version of her wedding dress. AWESOME!


My friends Si and Soph of Bayly & Moore did the fantastic photography. They are the kings/queens of stop motion. You should check them out. If you’re getting married in New Zealand you should definitely consider them for your wedding photography, they’re the best!

Cannot wait to see the photos from their special day!

P.S. The song playing on this video is Love Love Love by Avalanche City