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emily green studs


I’ve been hunting around for some awesome mint and peach earrings for quite some time now, but I’m kind of picky. Just cannot seem to find any ones that are perfect. And then Emily Green posted some of her new stud colours on Instagram and I was instantly in love with the shape. I jumped on to her website and found that she had the exact colours I was after, and more! So now I have a bit of an earring wishlist. Right in time for my birthday. Wink wink. 

Dress lust.


Umm. So I think I just found my most favourite wedding dress designer ever. Sarah Seven. Woah. I love nearly every one of her dresses, and all of the collections are just stunning. But this Fall 2013 collection may just be the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t stop looking at them! That little leather jacket and dress combo is perfection.


If I was getting married, this find would make things awfully difficult. I would even consider having to get multiple dresses and doing a few wardrobe changes throughout the day. Good thing I’m not getting married then right! Ha!

Camera strap lust.


So, I don’t even use a camera strap, but now that I’ve seen these ones I really badly want one! The generic Canon one just doesn’t cut it after seeing these ones from Bloom Theory. The sequins, the bows, the ruffles! What more could a girl want?! I’d have a hard time deciding on which one I would get though. I’m leaning towards the top right – simple, grey and a sweet little bow. Which one would you choose?


P.S. Christmas is coming… ;)

Little Ink


I’ve got a real problem with buying pretty little crafty items that I totally don’t need but boy, do I want them! Rachel of Made From Scratch recently introduced me to this New Zealand based store, Little Ink. It’s so pretty! I basically want every item in their shop. I’d never use those twistie ties, like… ever, but I sure do want them in every colour and pattern! Adding to my wishlist…

Ferm Living love.


This is one thing I HAVE to have in my future studio – a chalkboard sticker or a chalkboard painted wall. These wall stickers from Ferm Living are the best. I think the monthly one is the way to go. Want and love!


Images: this month calendar wall sticker, to do list wall sticker, weekly wall sticker

West Elm love.


As much as I want to de-clutter my life of things, I can’t help but keep finding awesome bits and pieces that I absolutely don’t need, but would love to have in the home. I found West Elm last week after featuring some alphabet paperweights (that I want so bad!) that are sold there on my weekend links post and thought I better have a look around the store. So many pretty things! Great ideas for gifts too. Me likey, me likey a lot!


Images (top to bottom): alphabet mugs, owl mug, breakfast tray, lacquer trays, grey striped sheet set, zig zag floor pouf, owl measuring cups

So this is how it goes.

Today was my final weekday day of holidays. :( Booooooo. I’m definitely not ready to go back to work on Monday. Not ready at all. My sleeping patterns are ridiculous. I go to sleep at about 2am and wake up at 11am, so getting up for work is going to be rough.


I still have a HEAP of stuff on my to-do list that hasn’t been ticked off that I would have liked to have done during these holidays but it’s not looking so likely now. Perhaps tomorrow I will get my A into G and photograph one or two of my not-so-recent wedding invitation jobs to put on here. Someone remind me to do that tomorrow!


Currently listening to: Paramore – All We Know Is Falling  { listen via Grooveshark }

This is still my favourite album of theirs. Randomly started playing it the other day and now I can’t stop.


Hope you all have a good weekend! I’m going to try make the most of my last two days of freedom!



  1. Kathryn shares a sneak peak of her valentines day designs. So sweet. EDIT: And now her full range is up in her shop! Go check it out.

  3. The most delicious looking cake ever.

  5. Only just came across The Design Kids and their stuff looks awesome. Can’t wait to see what’s in their store when it re-opens on the 15th.

  7. Thanks to Cassie I’ve now found this super cute store called Quill and Fox who sell illustrated paper goods and stationery. Love their valentines cards!

  9. Some lovely typography pieces by Saranna Drury.

  11. I would LOVE one of these chalkboard alphabet letter paperweights, hand lettered by Dana Tanamachi. So pretty. Definitely adding to wishlist.

So very indecisive.


I’m buying an iPhone 4S to replace my old 3G and I cannot for the life of me decide on a case for it. I plan on picking one out that Hook can get me for Christmas but I just can’t seem to settle on one. There are so many awesome wooden ones around, like these ones from Grove (you can even design your own and they will custom etch it for you!), but then I wonder if I’d rather have a rubber case so that it won’t slip off things. Or maybe I should get a hard case one like the Society 6 ones I posted a while ago, but then if I drop it the case might protect the phone but break the case in the process. DECISIONS! I need help!

Lap it up.


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5  | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10


Now that I have my very first laptop – my awesome 15″ MacBook Pro – I’m on the hunt for an equally amazing laptop case. I’m having difficulty deciding what I want though. It doesn’t have to be super hardy, or a bag style or anything like that. Just a slip case to protect it’s shell while I’m not using it.


Anyone know of any awesome laptop cases out there that I should be aware of before making my decision?

Adding to my wishlist.


Society6 have, by far, the best and largest selection of iPhone 4/4S cases I’ve seen. I couldn’t even look through all of them, not even close. There are over 700 pages of them! Mental.


Above are a few of my favourites that I saw. Definitely going to pick one up when I get my new iPhone 4S. I’m thinking the owl or the b/w octopus might be the winner.