Sweet tooth.

Bluebells Cakery | Danelle Bourgeois

Bluebells Cakery | Danelle Bourgeois

Bluebells Cakery | Danelle Bourgeois

Bluebells Cakery | Danelle Bourgeois

Bluebells Cakery | Danelle Bourgeois

Bluebells Cakery | Danelle Bourgeois

Bluebells Cakery | Danelle Bourgeois


My sweet tooth gets the best of me sometimes. I should be on my diet (reminder: for health reasons, not weight), but uuuuuuuugh. I’m having a tough time sticking to it lately. I have incredibly bad self-control when it comes to food, so it’s not surprising that I end up cheating on the diet basically every day.


Yesterday was no exception. I met with my awesome friend Lydia (make sure you check out her blog that’s full of wonderful recipes!) for a sweet treat at Bluebells Cakery. It was the first time I’d ever been there (I definitely should have gone sooner but it’s not really anywhere near places I frequent often – Lydia is lucky she lives near it! Hehe). Deciding what to have was quite a dilemma, but of course I went with the very first thing that caught my eye (and my favourite flavour ever); a lemon curd cupcake.


I would actually never purchase a cupcake from a store usually. Any time I’ve tried ones from stores/cafes they’ve always let me down (dry, frosting tastes like butter, no taste to the cake part itself, etc.). But something was telling me that this was going to be a goodie. I mean, Karla’s cakes and cupcakes is what she’s known for so I had to give it a whirl. And boy, it did not disappoint! Everything about this cupcake was awesome – the frosting was so good (cream cheese based, not butter!), not only was the lemon curd drizzled over it – it was also inside it too, and the cake texture was perfect. It had that real home-baked, fresh out of the over feel. So good!


Next time I’m in that neck of the woods, I will definitely be going back there for another yummy treat! I’ll have to persuade myself to try something else, otherwise I’ll just keep getting that damn good lemon curd cupcake haha!

Rosie turned one.

Rosie Turns One


















Rosie Turns One


Rosie is growing up so fast. It really sucks not living in the same city as her. I feel like I miss so much. She’s actually 15 months old now – she turned one last October so I’m a little behind in this post already. Oops.


Her birthday party was a lovely little gathering at her home in Mount Maunganui. The weather wasn’t the greatest (I was hoping to go out to the beach that day too), but at least the overcast weather was good for photos hehe. She had lots of family and friends surrounding her (which was probably a little overwhelming for her – she seemed a wee be annoyed the whole day and it took forever to get her to laugh). Lots of gifts, and a very yummy cake made by her poppa! Oh and Marlee pretty much didn’t move from that bean bag the entire day. I think there were too many kids around and she wasn’t having a bar of it haha.


Rosie’s facial expressions crack me up. They look so much like faces that my brother and I would pull when we were little, and SO much like my Dad. It’s so cute. She does this sort of unimpressed look, and I love it.


She might just be my favourite. <3

Looking forward.

Raglan Sunset | Danelle Bourgeois


I welcomed 2014 with open arms this new year’s eve. There was nothing wrong with 2013 (although it seemed like a bit of a dud for so many people that I know – boooooo). In fact, it was pretty great for me. The start of something new. I quit my full-time graphic design job and become a completely self-employed Night Owl. It was a scary but exciting leap, but I’m so glad I did it!


Life has been pretty crazy for us over the holiday period. We had a fair few weddings during December and specifically during the week around Christmas, so I only got to spend a few days with my family. It was pretty fantastic though. I ate (went completely off my no sugar, gluten or dairy diet), drunk (oops), and played games. It was great. I taught my family how to play Hedbandz with just post-it notes. They loved it.


I’m not really into resolutions or goals that much, so instead I thought I’d take the time to list out a few things that I’m really looking forward to this year. In no particular order…


  • Paramore’s concert.
  • Giving this paleo diet a good go. Gotta make it past 3 months. That’s the aim.
  • Taking Molly‘s calligraphy Skillshare class. And then moving up to Melissa‘s calligraphy class. Yes!
  • Going on more walks.
  • Visiting my grandparents in Wellington who I seem to only see every 5 years for no good reason.
  • Seeing my BFF Brittany. More than 3 times this year please. Why do we live so far apart?!
  • Sleeping more. Without waking up all the time.
  • Hook and I’s ten year anniversary.
  • Juice cleansing.
  • All of the awesome weddings we have coming up this season.
  • Hanging out with Rosie. Lots. She’s growing up too fast.
  • Blogging wayyyyy more. Personally and business-wise.
  • Getting into a daily routine – involving a good wake up time, a walk, and solid work hours with no distractions.
  • Semi-Permanent. I hope the speaker line up is a goodie.
  • Document my life more (read: taking more photos).
  • Using social media / my phone less.
  • Seeing where this year takes Hook and I.
  • Spending more time with my high school friends.
  • Getting back into wedding invitation design.
  • More family time.
  • Exploring around more of New Zealand.
  • Booking a full wedding season for 2014/15. Okay okay, this is a goal.
  • Making smarter supermarket shopping choices.
  • Taking photos of my grandparents (even if they don’t like it).
  • Learning to chill out more. I’m sure Hook will be the most excited about this one.


If I think of any more I shall add it to the list. I bet I’ve missed something major. Haha.


What are you looking forward to this year? Visiting someone you haven’t seen in a while? Travelling somewhere new? Already excited about a movie that’s coming out this year? Tell me about it!

Something always brings me back to you.

danelle bourgeois


I thought with all this free time I would have I’d been blogging more. Turns out, that’s not the case. Wedding season is in full force – we have weddings basically every single week until the end of April (some have double weddings!) – so I’ve felt a little overwhelmed with organising everything. I’m still learning how everything works best for the business, but I’m sure I’ll have it under control soon enough.


With that said, I can’t imagine I’ll be blogging again during this holiday season so I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all of my wonderful readers now! I hope you all have a lovely break away from work and get to spend some sweet time with your family and friends. Oh, and have an awesome New Years Eve too! I have no idea what we will be doing (five bucks says we will be working the night away haha) but at least I’ll be hanging with Hook and maybe family too.


Catch ya’ll in the new year! :)

Portrait of a woodland.

Carisse Enderwick Illustration


I would like to introduce you to someone who is very dear to me, Carisse Enderwick. Carisse was one of our lovely brides from last wedding season, and I just absolutely adored her from the get-go. Her wedding was a wonderful woodlands creation full of whimsy (and lots of owls!). The first time I got to see some of her amazing talent was when I opened her save the date. With a very sweet illustration of a pair of foxes, which she illustrated herself, I knew I was in for a treat when the formal invitation arrived! The invitation blew me away! Her illustration skills were incredible. You have to check this invite out for yourself.


Since her wedding, Carisse has started up her own little illustration business and now sells some of her prints on Felt! Carisse was kind enough to gift Hook and I some lovely illustrations of two owls (pictured above) which are now showcased in our home. They are amazing and perfect for us! <3


To top off this awesomeness, Carisse is giving away one print from her series ‘Portrait of a Woodland’ over on Facebook! All you have to do is tell her which of the four critters above you would love to own and you’re in to win! Since I already have the two owls (would be my obvious first choice otherwise), my favourite is that sweet bear. He looks like he would love some owl friends to hang out with. Hehe. So, head on over to Carisse’s Facebook page, like it (!), like her competition post and let her know which creature is your favourite! I know I would have more chance at winning by not sharing this with you all, but really, I can’t keep my love for Carisse’s work a secret! It’s just too good!