Wilder and Hunt


A while ago I was thinking about how there are no good paleo (gluten, dairy and sugar free) cafes around Auckland, and how disappointing it is when you go into a cafe and there’s like one gluten free option (which is always and orange and almond cake for some reason – not that I’m complaining cause those are delish, but still). About a week after I had been thinking about this something amazing popped up in my feed on Facebook. A little post about a new paleo store opening up called Wilder and Hunt. I was beyond excited. I instantly started following them – keeping up with their statuses about opening up their new small business adventure.


Although it’s been open for a little while now, I only just got to go there for the first time today with my gluten free pal, Jenna. And let me just say, there was no disappointment whatsoever. Far from it. The little store was crazy cute and the owner, Amy, was super duper lovely! Oh and the food? Well that was amazing!


I got the koko-mocha smoothie (kind of like a chocolate smoothie with a coffee kick) and it was DIVINE. Oh man. I could definitely have one of those every day. And I couldn’t help myself from getting a little bit of baked goods and had the banana and pecan loaf muffin for brunch. YUM.


I cannot wait to go back there. Amy let us have a little taste of a few of the other items as well and they were so good. I think the snickers slice and the pumpkin pie smoothie will be the next things on my list to try! Cannot wait to go back! It’s definitely going to become my regular go-to over the Summer!

The Kinfolk Table Gathering


The wonderful Shaye of On My Hand is hosting the next Kinfolk event on Saturday 19th October in Mount Maunganui, and I’m lucky enough to be photographing it! Let me tell you now, it’s not one to be missed!


This gathering will be a beautifully catered dinner by Spongedrop and Devour Catering in celebration of the release of Kinfolk’s new cookbook ‘The Kinfolk Table‘!


Tickets are on sale now!

Off I go.


Just wanted to leave a quick message to say that I’m about to jump on a plane right now to Melbourne (Australia) for a wee trip with my best friend Brit! Cannot wait. Will take as many photos as I can!


In the mean time, I wanted to leave you with a sneak peek of the dessert table from my cousin Tyler’s 21st birthday party! It was so fun helping her plan that out, and take the party photos. Just look at that amazing cake that Rachael from Made From Scratch made her! More to come from her party when I get back home…


Have a good week everybody!

Come on, put on your poker face.

danelle bourgeois

danelle bourgeois


I had almost completely forgotten that these photos existed. They were taken as test shots during our X Factor shoot. I only remembered them now because I was trying to find photos of my new shorter hair and stumbled across them. I always look so serious in test shoots. Or bored. Or angry. Haha. I don’t know why. I can never just take a nice photo for them.


Anyway… The point of me writing this post was to tell you that I’m off (extremely early I might add) tomorrow morning to Queenstown for the week. Super pumped for it! I have never been there before and from the looks of things, the scenery is STUNNING. We will be shooting a music video there for a few days and then spending an extra night there just to relax, do some non-work related sightseeing and maybe some skiing with Hook. It’s our mini holiday celebration for our 9 year anniversary that’s coming up mid-September. I hope to take a heap of photos to share with you all when I get back! Woo! 

I’d take you with me if there was a way.


Last weekend Hook had to get a few bits of footage to compare his Blackmagic Cinema Camera and Blackmagic Pocket Camera so we headed out to Devonport to get some cool views of the city for them. The evening sun was gorgeous so I took a few snaps while he was setting up. The views were amazing. We don’t often venture over there, as we actually live right in the city – kinda behind those big crane-y giraffe looking things (I have no idea what these things are called haha) at the port to the left in that last photo. So it was nice to see the city from this angle. I love this place.